Hertfordshire Trading?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by macinty, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. macinty


    I am currently working at a hedge fund in Mayfair but am fed up with the commute into London. I live in the sticks because I've got kids.

    Anyone interested in joining an arcade in Hertfordshire, maybe in the Harpenden area? Somewhere near the town centre, handy for the train station, etc?

    If so, get in touch...
  2. Kap


    chuck me a pm regarding fees etc
  3. jimmyrey


    Happy for you to send me info on fee structure & costs etc......thx
  4. ctheo1


    hi. pm me with fees, markets, etc.
  5. Are you setting guys up with trading accounts or only with the equipment/software/infrastructure to trade?

    What sort of fees/rates can one expect?
  6. looking at the title of this thread,

    I was reminded of a question asked in the movie Ronin:

    "what was the color of the boat house in Hertfordshire?"

    see the movie?

  7. macinty


    Hi risktaker

    Thanks for the query.

    We are setting up a physical trading floor day #1, with desks, IT, connectivity, software, phones, etc, run by an experienced hedge fund COO. It is a decent size (up to 40 traders), will cater for a mix of styles and products, and you will be looking for that sort of atmosphere in the area (though remote trading can be catered for, of course). We are not a broker and will not directly hold client money or trading accounts (but we can help you source this).

    If you already have what you want, you can ship it in to make use of the facilities and benefit from working on a trading floor in Hertfordshire. You might even find that we can make a few helpful suggestions or that someone on the floor knows something that is of use...

    We are able to help anyone looking to make a move from their current job / role / position / location or simply change the way they work. If you want to let me know what you trade, drop me a note and I can get you a quote for the full package you are looking for. I expect to be very competitive on costs (and when you take out the cost of the train ticket into London, pretty much unbeatable).

    We can also help with hedge fund start ups or managed accounts. You can work in groups or on your own. We can even supply your team within a secure, private space if you just want the support without the full atmosphere.

    Happy to answer any questions or deal with any PMs, emails or requests.


  8. Did this idea progress, I have tried to e mail Harpenden Trading via the website but had no response.
  9. Actually I have had a response now, it is going ahead in a couple of months time