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Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by oddiduro, Aug 21, 2003.

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  1. Okay Jack, here is another place for you to expound on the re-allocation of capital via equities. We should be safe here because Magna and dagabriel have been with us for awhile.

    I feel that after by the new year this knowledge will very pertinent to most of us here as the Hershey express is starting to get VERY crowded:D

    I set up a scanner for stock with 20 day highs or lows on volume.
    I have screened for price.

    What should we do next?
  2. trendy


    Two observations.

    1. Can't Jack start his own thread? He has to have people start them for him?

    2. He needs Magna and dagabriel to feel safe? From what?
  3. Of course he can start his own thread, but I am the one who wants the information, so I should provide the forum.

    It's called courtesy.

    Secondly, please read for comprehension in the future and do not attribute comments that I make to him. Inandlong creatively edited his posts, Magna and dagabriel have co-operated with his efforts in the past.

    This will be my last post to you, we know what you are here to do, and it is nothing good, so have a nice life.
  4. So it took three people to make some sense out of his crappola. Compare this to the efforts of some no_pm_please who somehow managed to create an outstanding comprehensive and comprehensible journal all by himself.

    Or rather don't compare because you may start feeling unsafe if you do...:D
  5. Another troll who wants something for nothing. If you do not have the vocabulary to understand the instrutions of the teacher, drop the class, and move on to something on your level.

    Whining about it only makes you look silly.

    Last post to you troll, goodbye.
  6. nononsense[​IMG]
  7. trendy


    No, the courteous, and I might add, mature thing would have been to wait for Jack to start a new thread if that is what he wanted to do. This is more like the 5 year old pulling on his parent's arm trying to lead them over to the toy section of the store.
  8. Jack's new thread is 2 pages long and already has flamers going at it....and no sign of Jack!! LMAO!!!!

    However, I am subscribing and I actually have been reading with much interest the stoch. thread and have not posted on there because i am trying to open my mind and close my mouth ( for once:D )....Nobody gave Jack/Bubba a rougher time then me but once we got over some of the Mr. Market fun i saw that he does know his "crap" and if you can wade through the words, is informative....this will be my last post in this thread because i will be reading not posting....let's go jack, Im waiting and let's try to keep the flames down
  9. bubba7


    Thanks for resolving the difficulties. I was trying to figure out a way to approach this. I'll zip through the posts so far and make a comment along the lines of how to roll here.
  10. bubba7


    I'm going to get the approach on the table rapidly and comprehensively.

    Through questions, I can back track and relate to the posters.

    In this market and based on one or twice a week breakfast meetings on days the market is not operating, the people in the small groups (4 to 5), spend about 2 months to be operational as experts. The best performance with real money (100,000) was 30%. This was no change from paper trading the prior month. It is not valid as an independant performance by any means because I backed up the effort.

    In June, for example I approximated 30% as well. I was trading tenured stocks FYI to those who monitor me here from other past experiences. In posts here i gave to others the names of most of the stocks.

    With that on the table as bait, we can just go throught the usual bullshit from non performers. I will try to waste the time of as many detractors as possible to let them expose their level of competence through their inane posts as often as they wish.

    The reason for this is that I will can these posts into the Journal along side this effort. you will read and ask questions and I will specifically answer them to give a better clarity to my posts. The questions will allow be to pag the level here and then successively raise it.

    I plan on using the 123 pages of organized material on trend fader as my contasting example. I dumped my files on trendy because she can't keep a straight consistent behavior basis in her life. I associate her name with the knock off clothing industry to have a picture of her. You may not like reading these comments. The harshness accorded me here has put me in a place where these people are not really human to me. They are just names of people (that I will use as examples) who aren't part of any reasonable world.

    Since I have make about 15,000 posts on this in several places over more than ten years, it will be excellent and of high utility. I have also been required to run assorted gauntlets as you all can imagine. I have computers full of stuff and I have records back about forever. The DJ was about 350 when I began to learn from the 4th ed of Magee in 1957.

    Plan is to transfer stuff to people here who can make use of it to either enhance what they do or they can go through an add delete until they have constructed a streamlined money making machine. I will by 30JUN04 have this in book form available as the team that will form here designates. The material will be in rough form ASAP. The live SCT trading will take months to get up to it's potential and that is my major support effort.

    You will have a Guidebook in several parts. It takes about two inches of logging a month to do this. I will use old log examples and You will have masters of all forms for reproing. I print my index trading log in runs of 500, for example (it takes 3 to 4 a day). As you get intio it you will find that some stocks can be traded repeatedly. Get a box of three cut files folders to start you files of tenured stocks.

    I prefer a full service broker. I have always included a "train your broker" part to things. They must be house broken at first and then they will get the other brokers in their office shaped up. It is a strange phenomena when you introduce timing to a class of people who have traditions in the financial industry. You are modern people and your capital may be different than mine. As peers with me, based on your life experience that is different than mine, you bring to me viewpoints that I need to grow from.

    I am used to creating wealth for people (outside of stocks and indexes). I commonly transfer deferred taxes out three generations and they will never be paid anyway. You will have to get into dealing with wealth.

    I will post again to finish this start up.
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