Hershey System Beta Testers Needed

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    I am developing a new charting application designed to meet the special needs of all futures traders using the Hershey SCT method.

    This group has been neglected in the past by 'conventional wisdom' software developers resulting in some Hershey traders not reaching their full trading potential.

    The program is called "RAILROAD" (because of the Hershey chart's parellel trend lines) and has several innovations designed especially for SCT futures traders which include:

    1. Major and minor LTL and RTL lines are drawn using digital signal processing phase, amplitude and frequency calculations after every tick.
    Instead of the laborous and often ambigious hand drawn lines, RAILROAD trend lines are drawn AUTOMATICALLY and are almost always correct.

    2. Phase/frequency based price forecast of 20 bars in the future show clearly where a Pt2 or Pt3 should happen.

    3. Sounds recorded from a Navy F-16, lock-on and radar tracking, play whenever a FTT occurs.

    4. Neural network used to filter volume information so that R2R and B2B gaussians are clearly defined.

    5. Tight integration with Interactive Broker's API to allow 'one-key' position reverses.

    6. Money management module that uses digital signal processing and neural networks to keep loses very small. (Rarely needed by Hershey traders, it was programmed before I learned about Hershey's 'no loss' techniques.)

    7. Game application framework to insure fast maximum frames per second using DirectX screen updates.

    8. Advanced data model to eliminate pauses and stalls during fast markets.

    9. Customized splash screen on start-up with a 'positive thinking' quote of the day!

    10. Integration with Microsoft Agent 'text-to-speech' to say 'YOU DA MAN!' and 'YOU SO SUCK!' on close of each trade. (You can select desired voice!)

    I am looking for 3 RAILROAD beta testers with the following qualifications:

    1. Must have experience trading futures for at least 3 weeks and able to net 3 * H-L daily. (No paper-traders please!)

    2. Must have a trade technique that is based on 'always in the market' (reverses instead of stops).

    3. Must be trading at least 10 ES contracts daily following Hershey's 'size-up' suggestions.

    4. Communication skills are very important, the ideal RAILROAD beta tester will have 1,000 or more EliteTrader posts (multiple aliases are fine).

    I understand there are many Hershey traders that meet, and exceed, these simple qualifications. If a large number of qualified Hershey traders contact me I will accept 3 having the highest net profit trading during the previous 1 week period.

    RAILROAD is FREE; I will never sell RAILROAD. I want to help ALL Hershey traders to be successful! BE DO HAVE!!!

    At the end of the 2 month beta test each tester will recieve a fully licensed copy of RAILROAD FREE!!!! I will continue to fund RAILROAD development by having each Hershey trader open a 'Friends and Family' account at Interactive Brokers and trade 1 contract in my accout with every trade they make.

    Hershey detractors are not eligible to participate in this testing and are forever prohibited from RAILROAD licensing. You detractors know who you are; please do not try to disrupt this effort to bring high tech to Hershey traders everywhere. The Hershey movement cannot be stopped or even slowed!!!! Go Jack!!!

    Thank you,
  2. This is an idea!
    What about the channel lines?
    It seems that with two bars you have a prospective channel, so you draw it.
    Then arrives the next bar and so on.
    How do you find the best/true channel from among all those prospective channels?
    That is what I am wondering.

    But I agree that as Lord Kelvin said, "If you can measure it, you can know it."
  3. Will it work on NQ? I don't brag about it, but I make 3X the daily range trading SCT on NQ. It is absolutely astonishing to see YM lead NQ, even though they have only one stock in common! Could you also add some ka-ching! cash register sounds for all that money I'll be making? I think it is brilliant to draw channels automatically, but could you also do the same for guasians? That's what I have the most trouble with.
  4. mtwokay


    As a beta tester I would expect at least a JH RAILROAD T-Shirt. :D
  5. slacker


    Adding sound is so 1999. The voices are much better.

    Guasians[sic] were easier than the channel bars. They are drawn in the panel above the date/time and below freq/phase.

    hypo - as a career distractor I am not sure you qualify for the original RAILROAD offer but I appreciate your comments.

    A RAILROAD screenshot:


    Do you think you could explain channel trading in less than 10000 posts with a screen like this?

    Thank you,