Hershey Method and Volume LIES

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jaytrader100, May 27, 2008.

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    Dear Mr. Spyder, I AM NOT SOME GUY NAMED JAY FROM BULL AND BEARS ETC.. I think you jump to conclusions and feel as if you "know" everything which obviously you do not spyder.. you had my post deleted because it showed how arrogant you are which will catch up to you. Voume is a staple of your tradign program.. and you should be alalrmed and tryign to figure out a way to alert the poor people who are learning your strategy .. what happens when 50 % of the volume is not shown on their charts.. aggregate volume is never shown you said.. well there might be small discrepancies in vouem but nothing as large as the institutios hiding their voume.. whihc is what you are witnessign now!!!! Having my post deleted is classic.. i said nothing negative about your strategy or method.. i just feel like peopel have a right since this is an open forum to udnerstand they are learnign a strategy that utiliZes volume.. and that volume they see si not true volume.. could be off by as much as 30 % ..NOW THAT IS prv THAT IS DIFFICULT TO ASSUME ISN'T IT!!!
  2. I am serioulsy wondering abou tthis elite trader site after my post was deleted? I would liek to know why it was deleted? I did not attack anyone or any method?
  3. Me too, I think you should just leave and dont look back :)