Hero Female Guard Saved Hundreds At Church Shooting

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  1. Would that be possible if she wasn't carrying a gun?!

    I like heroes, they risk their life for others, we need more of these in order to feel more secure.
  2. I heard on the news, this morning that even though she shot him several times, he actually turned his own gun on himself.

    Why would anyone want to take anything away from this heroic woman? Oh well, she held it together pretty well, much better than I think I would fare.

  3. I find it amazing that a church has a need for a gun carrying security guard.
  4. why complain about why we have to have a defense system, to develop a defense system that surpasses available attack systems is crucial to ones existence, to know this does not even require a certain level of intelligence, humans in whole are at the top of the food chain, for they have found ways to penetrate the defense system of various creatures, but they are still weak entities because of the weak defense systems they have, even their immune system as one of their defense systems has not yet developed to a satisfying level, there are many viruses and bacteria that can take down a human being, not even counting virus possibilities that can be created in labs, and except for governments and some rich people the majority of people fail to realize how crucial it is to advance ones own defense system, safeguard and protect one and ones offsprings from other animals/humans

    it is funny where the majority of people like to see available engineering resources used at, maybe in ipods, anything but a decent defense system, silly but true
  5. the media hates the fact that a gun saved so many lives... they are afraid more people will demand the right to carry concealed.

    ever notice most of these shootings come in gun free zones? there's your answer. the georgia town of Kennesaw requires all head of households to own a gun... they have virtually no crime.. or didnt for a long time.. things have probably changed now though.
  6. Does anyone know the make/model/caliber of the weapon she used?
  7. Lucrum


    Apparently they do have a need, they WERE attacked.
  8. Christian parishioners packing heat and praising the holy spirit and the god and the Jesus....I can dig it.

    Vote Quimby!

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