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  2. As an animal lover I'm heart sick to read this story, yet responsible ownership requires us to properly identify our pets. I.D. Tags and/or chip would have prevented this tragic accident. Still, I can only imagine the pain of such a loss given the circumstances.
    Typically people that work in shelters are very caring of the animals and I have little doubt the person that made the mistake is grief stricken as well. Just a sad story!
  3. sad story. 2 million plus dogs are killed every year in shelters. a friend of mine works for a propane company. he was sent down to install several 1000 gallon propane tanks at our humane society. he made the comment that it sure was a lot of propane for a building that size. he was told it was not for heating the building. it was for burning the bodies of the animals they have to kill every day.
    until people can be somehow forced to take responsibility for spaying their animals it just gets worse every year. any attempt to restrict breeding mills is shot down. after all this is a farm state and people think they have a right to do whatever they want with their animals.
  4. Know a chap who worked in a shelter, gov one, the dog was in because it was loose, and a possible dangerous dog breed. (Oz)
    Wasn't even scheduled to be put down, nothing like it, owner and a buddy turned up and assaulted staff to attempt to free their dog.
    A breakout attempt......what the?
    Fortunately, they got seriously owned by said ex-mil and security staff.

    I have so many dog stories, it's just not funny.

    The typical exchange with a dog owner, is ;

    moi-"Your dog/dogs just did this"
    Owner-"No they didn't . Fido would never do that".

    moi-"Well they just did, kill the neighbors sheep, maul a child, bite me, try and drag me down and kill me/pick one of the above", I've been through all iterations.

    Owner-thats impossible, Fido (and playbuddies) were tied up all night/and they have been trained."

    moi-Ugh. "So the fact that my jeans are ripped, and can identify your dogs/dogs, or your dog was shot by a farmer in a sheep massacre by stray dog packs, even with a lousy dog tag, has nothing to do with your responsiblity as a pet owner."

    Owner-"Fido wouldn't do that he's a good dog. "

    Too bad about the dog in question, it's tragic, but if nobody thinks at the very least compulsory obedience training ought to be signed on to as requirement for pet ownership, well you don't know how I would manage the situation.
  5. Sad indeed, but wonder what would have been the response if it was a "human" hero instead of a dog?
  6. i bet there are many veterans who were heroes but died on the street and were lucky to get a small obituary.
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    That would piss me off

    I would sue the hell out of that Shelter!!:mad:
  8. Exactly!! :(
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  10. It's sad to hear of any death...human or dog...
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