Hermin Miller Aeron

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Joab, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. I have not looked at the Aeron before - are there certain model(s) or features that you definetly should get?
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  2. Joab


    Love it, best investment I've made for my back and spending hours in front of the computer.

    I suggest ebay rather then retail but be careful to buy from a reputable ebay seller.
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  3. Bought one when I quit my job and went home-based. Best investment ever.

    Don't think of it in terms of the $700 purchase price. It has a 12 year warranty, so that's only $58/year. You'd easily go through a ton of cheap office depot chairs in the same time period.

    Only trouble I had with mine was after a 300 lb friend sat in it and broke it. The local Herman Miller dealer fixed it free of charge.

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  4. Still using the first one I've bought, 8 years now, and still fits like a glove.
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  5. LOL.....must of really hit up the rib festival:p
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  6. I've been demoing the Aeron from my local dealer. For me this chair is totally unsuitable. I can't even sit in this thing for more then 1 hour without squirming in the chair because my lower back hurts. I have played with the posturefit a lot to try and reduce this but it still doesn't make a difference. This chair costs 2000 in my local currency and compared to the 300 chair I used to have, this is certainly NO more comfortable for me.

    I'm quite boney, only 160lbs at a height of 5'11.

    I'm trying to source a SteelCase Leap Chair to compare.
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  7. spinner


    I bought one when they first came out (1992-ish??), very happy with it, although I had to pay a lot -- at that time there were very few options. I have steered several people to this store with no complaints, good prices.
    (I get no benefits from this recommendation.) They also have the chair others recommended above.


    The chair does take some getting used to, especially using the controls.
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  8. Whizo


    To all you back pain sufferers.. Those rubber balls u see people using in the gym are pretty decent at helping ease being uncomfortable while sitting.

    Can get em at any WMT for around 15-20 bucks..helped me alot.. being on the ball forces you to have good posture.

    Aerons are nice, but I'd try the rubber ball 1st..nothing to lose, if you do not like, you can use for exersize.

    also..u may try standing ( like at a podium of sorts.) I worked on floor for many years,, I'm just more comfy standing, not to mention more alert..worth a try if u have back pain

    Good luck to all
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  9. Best chair I've ever owned. Never heard of anyone who had back pain from sitting in one. You must have it adjusted incorrectly.

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  10. I recently bought a Herman Miller Aeron chair and sold it. Very disappointed. My problem was that if I wasn't seated perfectly centered in the chair, the hard plastic on the edge of the back would dig into my lower back (the lower part of the back of the Aeron chair gets quite narrow). Also, the seat is a bit too shallow. If I slouch a bit, I was practically off the chair and the hard plastic along the edge of the seat would dig into the back of my legs. I'm an average sized person and had tried the size B chair. If you sit with perfect posture all the time, then it is comfortable. But throughout the day I like to shift around in the chair.

    I use a Steelcase Leap chair at work and IMO it's a much better chair. At home, I have the Humanscale Liberty chair and I love it. They are all expensive though.
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