Herman Miller Aeron Chairs - Long Island or NYC area

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  1. I have a bunch of Aeron chairs I'm looking to sell. Good condition, mesh intact. Have around 8. Selling for $350 each. Let me know if you're interested and we can arrange a time for pickup. I can give you a discount if you take more than one.
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    is it the metal or plastic trim?
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    will you be paying with plastic or metal?:)
  4. Not sure what you are referring to. But here's a few pics:
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    What is this, Craigslist?
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    Actually, one of the more appropriate threads (item's for sale) in the ET classified.

    Fair price on what apparently appears to be good condition Herman Miller Aeron chairs.

    And an ergonomic chair should be an investment any trader or individual who sits in front of screens hours per day makes.

    If I lived in the area, I would scoop up a pair... can always find a use for comfortable office chairs.

    Currently have a few Steelcase Leaps, nice chairs, but I find the Herman Miller Aero more comfortable.
  7. Do you still have chairs left? What size? What features? (Lumbar etc.) Thanks.
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    Agree with No Bias, ads for Herman Miller chairs make sense in traders forum and ergonomic chairs are advisable for people spending a lot of time sitting..
    I use the Embody, which offers more support than the Aero, but the Aero seems to be by far the most popular from those 2.
    Cool price as well, especially considered from outside the US.
  9. You, or a trader, should have a Variety of different chairs....that you alternate often -- it keeps you fresh and open-minded. :rolleyes:o_O
    Sitting on one type of chair for basically your whole life...can really stale the brain.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I have a few left still. Size C with lumbar, adjustable arms, height, and tilt lock. Also have maybe 2 or 3 in size B. One is basic and the other 2 are with adjustable arms, lumbar, and tilt lock. I can do the basic for 275 if someone wants it, still the same chair but with fixed arms, no lumbar and no tilt lock.
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