Herman Cain’s ‘lavish’ spending at National Restaurant Association drew scrutiny

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    Herman Cain’s ‘lavish’ spending at National Restaurant Association drew scrutiny

    Herman Cain is pointing fingers at Rick Perry's campaign for leaking details about harassment allegations leveled against him when he was head of the National Restaurant Association.

    But as revelations keep surfacing, it seems clear that plenty of other people may have had an interest in divulging less-than-flattering details about the Republican candidate's tenure at the NRA.

    As Bloomberg's Lisa Lerer reports, Cain irked some of his NRA colleagues by operating in a "free-wheeling, free-spending culture:"

    Former employees of the association told Bloomberg News that work-related outings frequently featured heavy drinking as lobbyists entertained board members and lawmakers.

    Cain was known for lavish spending, they said, racking up cell phone and travel bills that drew accountants' attention and angered some board members. He won over employees by giving generous raises to many, said three people who worked for or with the group and spoke on condition of anonymity.

    According to Bloomberg, the group also paid for Cain to live in The Jefferson, a pricey luxury hotel near the White House, for an unspecified period of time.
  2. To you and your liberal ilk, any spending of private money is much worse than Odumbo's far more lavish wasting of taxpayers' money. But why would anyone on welfare care when it's not their money being wasted?
  3. I could see right away a couple of problems with Cain.

    First of all, he has a birth certificate and he had a "real" job.
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    So? I'm still voting ABO.
  5. Wow, I'm shocked. Lobbyists spending lots of money and drinking heavily with members of congress. What's next? Don't tell me those good looking young girls I see with VIPs aren't their nieces.
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    Tsing Tao

    Me too!
  7. So,I'm still voting Obama 2012
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    Of course you are. But then you're a not very bright bleeding heart flaming liberal consumed with man love for your messiah whom you follow blindly no matter how obvious what an idiot he is.

    So you changed your mind about Ron Paul huh? LOL
  9. Says the idiot who would vote for Cain,Perry,Palin Bachmann etc
  10. Did I say that ? We both know Paul wont be the nominee
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