Herman Cain is Doomed politically

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  1. He stated in a post conference that he did not even know this woman. In so doing, he screwed himself.

    Slander is a tort, or civil law, meaning a civil lawsuit can be brought against someone who is accused of slander. In the United States certain facts must be established for someone to be found guilty of slander. Assuming there is proof that the defendant uttered the alleged statement, the statement must be overheard by someone other than the subject or other “privileged” parties. Slander must also clearly identify the party or entity, and the intent must be malicious.

    If he does not do this, and soon, this will sink him.

    Further if ANY evidence comes out that he did know this woman, it's all over.

    Romney is the only viable GOP candidate, and the GOP base hates him.
  2. For the people with the brain all this sexual innuendo accusations are a non issue.
    Cain seems to be the one who can fix all this 20 years of mismanagement. If he screws 10 times a day or not is irrelevant to me.
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    Saying he doesn't know someone is not slander, malicious or otherwise.
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    You sure are desperate for another four years of the Obama disaster.
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    Cain is now dead meat. He is ruined not only as far as any hope for a political career but his business career will suffer irreparable harm.

    It is painful to watch him dig a deeper and deeper hole for himself. As children we learned that trying to cover one lie with another only made matters worse. Cain never learned that lesson.

    His only hope would have been to immediately admit his guilt, apologize profusely, state that these events occurred 25 years ago, and he is now a different person. His political career would still be dead, but he might then have salvaged a little integrity.

    We learned yesterday that there are written records that will corroberate.

    Once lost, integrity is nearly impossible to regain.

    This is a real conundrum for the Republican Party. Perry and Romney are throw away candidates, just as Dole and McCain were. The strong Republican candidates with sufficiently wide appeal to win will appear in four years.
  6. I wouldn't be so quick to write Cain off.

    Now there is a report that the woman who works at Treasury has a history of filing nutcase complaints. The woman from chicago clearly has issues that call her credibility into question.

    This is far from settled. In the interim, Cain has dominated media coverage, leaving the other candidates gasping for air.
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    It's settled. Cain is dead.
  8. If Cain does not sue her for slander, then it is very nearly an admission of guilt. Any man trying to cultivate the no nonsense persona as he is would have slapped her with a civil suit before she got off that stage.
  9. I said two years ago that Obama is a two termer by default, there is no one to run against.
  10. A decision not to sue her for slander is not "very nearly an admission of guilt." How do you prove slander in court in a he said, she said case? Using your logic, Obama probably had a gay affair because he did not sue Larry Sinclair for slander.
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