Herman Cain enters 2012 GOP presidential race

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110521/ap_on_el_ge/us_cain2012

    ATLANTA – Herman Cain has run a pizza chain, hosted a talk radio show and sparred with Bill Clinton over health care. He's never held elected office. Now the tea party favorite wants to be president.

    "In case you accidentally listen to a skeptic or doubting Thomas out there, just to be clear ... I'm running for president of the United States, and I'm not running for second," he told a crowd at Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday. Chants of "Herman" erupted from the crowd of thousands in downtown Atlanta.

    The announcement by the businessman, author and radio talk show host that he was joining the expanding Republican field came after months of traveling around the country to introduce himself to voters.

    Now the 65-year-old will see if he can use that grass-roots enthusiasm to turn a long-shot campaign into a credible bid.

    Cain supports a strong national defense, opposes abortion, backs replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax and favors a return to the gold standard. He said President Barack Obama "threw Israel under the bus" because he sought to base Mideast border talks partly on the pre-1967 war lines, and criticized the Justice Department for challenging Arizona's tough crackdown on illegal immigration.
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    "We shouldn't be suing Arizona," he said to cheers. "We ought to send them a prize."

    Cain lost a three-way Republican U.S. Senate primary bid in Georgia in 2004 with one-quarter of the vote. His "Hermanator" political action committee has taken in just over $16,000 this year. He said he's running "a bottoms-up, outside-the-box campaign." Supporters say he taps into the tea party-fueled desire for plain-speaking citizen candidates.

    Born in Memphis, Tenn., and raised in Atlanta, Cain is the son of a chauffeur and a maid. He attended historically black Morehouse College, earned a master's degree from Purdue University and worked as a mathematician for the Navy before beginning to scale the corporate ladder.

    He worked at Coca-Cola, Pillsbury and Burger King before taking the helm of the failing Godfather's Pizza franchise, which he rescued by shuttering hundreds of restaurants.

    He burst onto the political stage when he argued with President Clinton over the Democrat's health care plan at a 1994 town hall meeting.

    "On behalf of all of those business owners that are in a situation similar to mine," asked Cain, "my question is, quite simply, if I'm forced to do this, what will I tell those people whose jobs I will have to eliminate?"

    The late Jack Kemp, the GOP vice presidential nominee in 1996, once described Cain as having "the voice of Othello, the looks of a football player, the English of Oxfordian quality and the courage of a lion."

    In 2006, Cain was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer. He says he's been cancer-free since 2007 and credits the nation's health care system with keeping him alive. He says it's one reason he's so opposed to the health overhaul championed by Obama.

    At the speech, Cain tried to build a foundation for his run for the White House. He said the American dream is under attack from runaway debt, a stagnant economy, a muddled foreign policy and an influx of illegal immigrants. He said Americans should be infuriated because the Obama administration's $787 billion stimulus program "didn't stimulate diddly."

    "It's time to get real, folks. Hope and change ain't working," he said. "Hope and change is not a solution. Hope and change is not a job."
  2. Now Cain should be conservatives/tea partiers dream.I bet he wont win one primary,especially in the south :cool:
  3. No, it can't be, this must be a hoax. I mean, the Tea Party is racist. This must be a mistake. The Tea Party is largely comprised of southern white people, and they are all racists. This can't be accurate.
  4. Anybody can run,lets see how many primary states he wins :)
  5. +1

    Let's see what's what. The pubs always say the dems are racists. Well now, it's time to put up or shut up. Herman is a Conservative with a capital C. Let's just see what happens:D

    Thank You Herman Cain, your running will definitely help pull off some sheets. Or maybe not, since all the sheets are in the democratic party, so sayeth several here. :)
  6. +1.

    I love the fact that he is running.He has a solid resume and policy wise he is everything the tea party and conservatives wants.Lets see how many of them vote for him in the privacy of the voting booth
  7. Lucrum


    Jeezus H Christ you guys are obsessed with race. Whatever happened to voting for the best overall candidate regardless of skin color? Or our voters expected to forgo what they think is in the country's best interest just to prove to you race obsessed weenies that they're willing to vote for a black guy, qualifications be damned. Didn't the country already prove this when they voted in Obama?
  8. LOL!!! You heard it here first!! If the repubs don't nominate Cain, it's because they're RACIST!!! :D :p :D :p

    Oh, and btw, since when does the republican nominate people who are "conservative with a capital C"? It's been quite a while since they nominated anyone like that. Since Goldwater I believe.

  9. Democrats and independents proved that,not republicans/the south
  10. Ah, so in other words, if someone didn't vote for Obama, then they are racist. :D

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