Heresy! Dem Mouthpiece Slams Obamacare

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JamesL, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. JamesL


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  2. JamesL


    A far cry from what he was spewing less than 2 years ago, however:

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  3. Eight


    Fineman is a typical Democrat spokeshole.. they always say "Republicans don't have a plan" when the best plan of all is for a man to have a good job and provide food, housing, healthcare for everybody in his family... instead they tax the poor bastard to death, screw with his employer, tax his employer to death, take away his freedom, etc.. then they say "we have a plan to fix that.."
  4. jem


    there is a middle ground.

    American may have been willing to buy in to health care for all. If the democrats had really made it a good health care plan for all.

    Instead it did nothing but screw over people who are already paying through the nose for health care.

    It also did nothing but line the pockets of the insurance companies and allow outs for democratic contributors.

    It was an abortion of a plan for day one and no real leader would have let it happen.

    so it was a mistake for him to bankrupt his presidency on obamacare.
    Which is when the tide turned against him. Since then it has been a steep ride to the sewer for his prestige.
  5. cstfx


    Best part about the first video was that Matthews was left completely speechless by such an admission.
  6. rew


    I agree. If one *must* have socialized medicine there are much better ways to do it. And I am a non-partisan critic -- the Bush Medicare prescription drug entitlement is also a disaster. No other country would have put in a provision denying the government the right to negotiate cheaper drug prices from the pharmaceutical companies. The politician who put that clause in later left public "service" to take a multimillion dollar job with a pharmaceutical lobbying organization.