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  1. Read it and weep.........

    U.S., Costa Rican police raid San
    José office in $100M fraud investigation

    U.S. agents and Costa Rican police yesterday raided Red Sea/Sentry Global offices in downtown San José, seizing documents in an investigation of a $100 million U.S. fraud scheme, according to wire reports.

    The raided offices house branches for the firms Red Sea Management, Sentry Global Trust, Sentry Global Securities and Global Financial Logistics, AFP news agency reported.

    The raid is in connection with an FBI sting in New York that led to the arrest of Jonathan R. Curshen, who is the Caribbean island St. Kitts and Nevis' honorary consul to Costa Rica, on fraud allegations in September.

    1. This is a foreign press item.
    2. I t is obvious we have a new extradition treaty w/Costa Rico
    3. War on the hedgefunds.
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    Didn't see this post when I put up story.

    Anyway, heard a Vfinance Branch Manager out of NJ was hauled into the SEC under subpoena to discuss. VFinance has always been that conduit to fraudulant trades from offshore.

    In fact, public records of VFinance show an affiliation financially with Mark Valentine who was arrested by another FBI/RCMP Sting Operation years ago - Operation Bermuda Shorts.
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    I enjoy any information on v finance and Mark Valentine. I have followed his career with interest since the collapse of Thomson Kernahan in Toronto. He was given a life ban to trade stock and a lifetime ban for his brokerage licence but that has never stopped him. For a while after his house arrest he opened up a company in Toronto called Q Capital Corp and opened a brokerage account but got caught again and his account was closed. His also was trying to do business in Europe with a company called European Launch Works. V Finance is American and again he recieved a lifetime ban for stock trading in the U.S. It is sad to see how easily he can twist the system and how he manages to get away with it. You don't hear that much about him right now but every now and again something comes up. I hope sometime soon he is out of business for good.