Here's what happened after i buy course from Scott Phillips

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    Months ago I have purchased Scott Phillips' price action course. It was really hard to follow. I couldn't watch whole thing. After months he released something called holy grail, promising 70% even 75% win rate more than 1 risk-to-reward.

    I have purchased his so called holy grail strategy. My first 3 trades were losing trade. Thanks God they were in simulated account. He and his co Daniel said it's normal. Well 3 consecutive losing trades might occur of course. But the probability is very low especially in your first 3 trades.

    Anyways i have got an email yesterday and i saw that he's giving away his strategy. I felt like i was fooled and wanted to ask why is he giving away it for free. This guy is very rude. He suddenly lost it and here what happened afterwards:

    PS: I can send screenshots as well.

    Atilla (me):
    Scott hi. Can I ask why did we pay $250 for your system if you are giving it away for free? I'm just wondering and would like to learn. I have even subscribed your other price action course.

    Scott Phillips:
    They get a video on the concepts for free. Watch it, its not the same thing.
    And youve got no right to complain you got a bargain anyway

    What bargain do you mean? I didn't get any special promotion or discounts.

    Scott Phillips:
    At this point its time for you to fuck right off buddy. You got what you paid for, and when I want advice on how to run my business I'll be sure and let you know
    I've unsubscribed you from our list

    I'm giving you just one chance to apologize from me. I have every right about asking what I have paid for and you can choose not to answer of course, If this is how you run your business. But you can not tell me to f..k off and you can not unsubscribe me from your list if it is part of what i have paid for. Otherwise, of course you can.
    Now do what you have to do or i will:
    1. Ask for refund
    2. If you reject, i will send all these emails to my bank and ask for chargeback
    3. I will also send reviews to reddit, elitetraders, forexfactory, babypips and etc.

    Well it's up to you how you would like to proceed

    Scott Phillips:
    You are a tiny, tiny penised man.

    We all get to decide who we want to do business with. You are a complete wanker so I don't want to do business with you.

    You paid for something, you got it. If I want to give it away for free at a later date that's really up to me, isn't it.

    Get how that works? Hard to understand? Off you fuck...

    Scott Phillips (Again):
    And mate PLEASE PLEASE take your complaints to forexfactory, reddit, etc etc.
    Please. As many as you can. I'd love the opportunity to demolish you in public (you are just another muppet that couldn't trade the system and gave up because you suck) and get a heap of free publicity.

    I would actually pay you to do that. It would be doing me a massive favour. I'd be particularly grateful for elitetrader, forexfactory and forexpeacearmy exposure!

    All i have asked you was a simple question Scott.
    As you wish.

    Scott Phillips:
    And you got your answer.
    Now off you fuck, wankmaggot
    He doesn't have rights to send me such emails. I was always polite to him. I'm not his friend but his client.

    Do you think i was wrong and he was right?

    Thank you
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    $250 aint worth the time to chase further... just chalk it up as a lesson... don't buy any 'courses'...
  3. Ates


    I just wanted to learn what was the difference. Whatever i do, he doesn't have rights to use F word on me
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    Which Scott it is , the one from ?


    fool. definitely has some enemies in the same market, just send them the screens, play victim, even if you were one (IF, you were one, i don't know what happened prior to this conversation) , and you know -

    the enemy of my enemy is my ally...

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    Well I have sent the whole conversation. I don't know if he is the guy from I don't know what is
    but can i ask what did he do to you?
  6. Ates


    Ah no this is not the guy from
  7. Nobert


    Nothing Ates, since i never took courses.

    I can't dig him up, then,

    he isn't well known i guess.
    If so, noone will care too much, but eventually, his rep will catch up with him.

    Now, the question remains, what will you do, with yourself.

    Must be painful, especially for ego, but the rational/logic sides suggests, that you let it go, and focus on learning once more.

    And the best thing - that's only $250.

    here's , some valuable links to start for free :

    Also find out the meanings of - position sizing, allocation, exposure, RRR, risk management, beta, hedging.

    Edit :

    @vanzandt and @destriero found him :
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    Ah Nobert. Thank you for the link. I'm already a profitable trader :) I just like learning new things. But i appreciate the link you have sent. I will have a look.

    Btw, I never use any indicators. I only trade diagonal trend lines. That's it.
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    Ah, my bad, i thought that you're new to this... :D
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    No no it should be my language barrier :)
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