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  1. Who is the largest holder of oil currently? That's right its the US govt. Here is the plan of action:

    1) start selling oil out of the SPR to the point where oil moves back down to the $100 dollar range

    2) Fed surprise rate hike 100 basis points

    3) seize all assets of Duke & Duke (Goldman Sachs) and all personal assets of Randolph (T. Boone Pickens) & Mortimer (John Arnold) Duke

    4) govt. uses proceeds from SPR sale to buy Euros & GBP

    5) Fed cuts rates by 100 basis points, sells GBP & Euro & rebuys USD

    6) start refilling SPR

    End Results:

    1) Oil prices back to the $50-70 range. OPEC too F'in scared to mess with oil supplies, speculators too F'in scared to try to jack commodity prices

    2) other commodity prices come down with reduced specualtion

    3) National debt gone with tax-free windfall profits for the govt.

    I will be expecting your support this election year!:D :D :D
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    You are an effing rock star! You & Ron Paul = Unstoppable path to the WH!
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    Speaking of the White House, I don't know how a bunch of dicks can be a bunch of pussies.

    Our current administration has the same problem most traders have "fear"
    Fear to do make the right choice.

    We have a Government that is so focused on scratching their own back and milking the American People for all its worth. Why do they care, hell they wont be around in another 30 years.

    Most of those that are in politics should be thrown in prison. More than 90% of these ass*oles get elected based on false pretenses, do you know what that is called? FRAUD!