Here's the only way to trade -for now

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NY_HOOD, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. throw stocks by the wayside and concentrate on ETF's. i'm serious,whether its steel,short financial,oil,gold,silver or an index.
    all the big players are trading ETF's,stay away from stocks,they are too random for now.
  2. I'm not sure that I totally agree with that statement.

    There are plenty of names in the OIH that can be traded successfully that are not associated with the current banking mess. And they are NOT AT ALL RANDOM since they are strongly correllated with the underlying commodity.

    DO, RIG, APA, DVN, CHK, NOV, SLB, HP, PTEN, NBR, etc. - - - just to name a few.
  3. dsq


    interesting how the oil stocks sold off as oil exploded up near closing time.
    Even though it was an expiring contract i would think there would be some carry-over for oil related stocks.
    Maybe indicating oil is headed back down?
  4. by statement may have been a tad overly simplistic LANDIS but i think for most traders to make money in this market,ETF's are a better option. just my opinion because its been working very well for me.