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  1. The US economy will continue getting worse by the day, but despite that, there will hardly be any strong sell-offs until 2010.
  2. Great insight oh great forward seer. Pffft you know nothing (like the Fed).
  3. You should consider changing your board nick.
  4. Umm, yep you got it all figured out. lol :confused:
  5. Are you a fortune -teller, YES? How do you know what no one knows.
  6. Economy has slowed down a bit true, but there won't be a recession.

    When most subprime losses had been booked (and a lot of them have already been booked), the Fed will bailout most banks, everyone will forget about this, and stocks will surge to all time highs.

    However 2008 elections may:

    * If a democrat wins, oil prices may ease a bit, helping the economy.

    * If someone were to withdraw troops from Iraq (unlikely, but possible), the economy and the stock markets will crash.
  7. I have to agree, there will not be a "DEFINED RECESSION" because the "sheeople are to stupid to come to the conclusion we are in a recession as I write this.

    So, the "BIG BROTHER' will tell all the stupid fucks in our country that there is no recession and they will believe it. They will continue to spend them selves into debt as Inflation sky rockets in consumer goods, etc.

    The sheeople have no idea how bad the dollar has devalued or the fact that the government is causing inflation to lower "their" debt payments, on the back of the middle class.

    Those poor saps, the middle class will be abolished by or near 2010.

    The Poor are laughing as they are taking care of by the "gov", for free as always, the illegal fucking scumbags, from what-ever country will continue to drain resources.

    I do see a major move down, but not till after the election. We have serious cheap money running crazy and it will take a few years to feel the effect.

  8. thanks, a clear analysis

    though I don't think right after the elections, a few years after that, maybe why? because the gov & fed will do anything to make it seem like everything is under control, this will cost the economy.

    For trying to hide the reality, mainly through inflating the market, the economy will get worse not better.
  9. If Clinton wins, do you think she might light up a cigar? :eek:
  10. Aren't "rum-soaked" the best, or is it something else?
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