Here's something for the limp wristed gun control crowd

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  1. Guess we'll have to melt them all down now. Problem is , only the GOOD guys will turn theirs in.

    Nagasaki Mayor Dies From Gangster Shooting in Japan, Police Say

    By Kiyori Ueno and Sachiko Sakamaki

    April 18 (Bloomberg) -- Itcho Ito, mayor of Nagasaki, Japan, died today after being shot twice by a member of an organized crime gang, police said.

    Ito, 61, was shot yesterday by Tetsuya Shiroo, a member of a gang affiliated with the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's largest crime syndicate, Nagasaki police spokesman Toshiyuki Kanzaki said. Shiroo was arrested last night and admitted to shooting Ito, Kanzaki said. Police are investigating his motive, he said.
  2. We must invade them!

    But seriously, who is being protected by this? The gunmen and their military father (all happen to be jewsh...) or the other gunman that got away (eyewitnesses saw a few more people, unles you believe that only 2 people would bring over 90 bombs into a school by themselves...)

    If you don't know already, the goverment covers up for the rich elite.

    Judge Orders Columbine Documents Sealed For 20 Years
    School Violence Experts Prevented From Reviewing Material

    POSTED: 6:52 am MDT April 3, 2007

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    DENVER -- Statements made by the parents of the teenage gunmen who attacked Columbine High School will remain sealed for 20 years, frustrating at least one victim's parent who believes knowing what happened before the shootings could help prevent similar tragedies.

    U.S. District Judge Lewis T. Babcock's ruling Monday also prohibits a school violence expert and his assistants from reviewing the documents.

    "It can save lives, no question about it," said Brian Rohrbough, whose son Daniel was one of 12 students slain on April 20, 1999. A teacher and the two gunmen also died. "Knowing what was going on in their homes is absolutely paramount to learn how to prevent this from happening again."

    Attorneys for the parents of gunmen Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris did not return messages left after business hours. Documents from a federal lawsuit include sworn statements made by the Harrises and Klebolds, as well as records regarding the gunmen's participation in a juvenile diversion program in 1998 and 1999.

    The National Archives and Records Administration will get the records.

    Jefferson County sheriff's officials previously made a decision under the state's open records law to not release videotapes of the gunmen out of concern they would encourage copycat attacks.

    Babcock said similar arguments in the federal case means the balance "still strikes in favor of maintaining strict confidentiality."

    Rohrbough said he strongly disagreed with that decision and called the logic "flawed and bogus."

    "Unless you're saying that the parents taught the kids how to shoot up a school, it would be hard to image that releasing these documents could lead to a copycat crime," Rohrbough said.

    The Colorado Attorney General Suthers earlier had asked Babcock to allow University of Colorado researcher Delbert Elliott to access the documents as part of his work on preventing school violence. The Jefferson County sheriff's office has expressed concern that allowing Elliott to review the documents could open access to others.

    A magistrate ordered the documents destroyed in 2003, upsetting some victims' families who said the statements could contain lessons to prevent school shootings. U.S. District Judge Lewis Babcock then proposed storing the documents under seal for 25 years.

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  3. atozcom


    Gun control are for the law abiding citizens. The gun control laws make law abiding citizens to become the honorable sitting ducks citizens.

    Criminals and crazy peoples, by definition, ignore gun control laws.

    How should the law abiding sitting duck citizen fight back a gun crime?

    How should the law abiding sitting duck citizen help other sitting duck citizen fight back in a gun crime?

    You remain calm, if you are no already hysterical.
    You talk to the "gun holder"(GH), if the GH want to talk.
    You try to understand why they are using the gun, if the GH will tell you.
    You try to understand the GH's up bringing, if GH is willing to talk.

    Now that you understand and know all these nice garbage, close you eyes...

    The criminal or crazy Gun Holder will say: "Shut the kucf up!" and shoot you.
  4. pamjoey


    Never give up your guns.

    Never count or the police or the government to protect you. Their idea of protection of citizens, is a complete joke. They are totally imcopetent, for the most part.

    Protect yourself, and dont count on anyone else
  6. atozcom


    Excuses me, no one force you to agree.

    I like to have the OPTION to use a gun for self protection if the opportunity presents itself. Gun owners are not advocating to kill. Gun owners want self protection.

    If my choice is either my life or the life of a criminal, I will shoot to kill. You can be a sitting duck if you want.
  7. Editorial: Yet another rampage has occurred at a school, this time leaving 33 people dead at Virginia Tech—the worst such incident ever at a U.S. college campus.
    The news media seem stunned and surprised, yet their coverage sounds so similar to the stories about Columbine eight years ago. They dwell on the personality of the young man the police say did the shooting, before killing himself. They talk about him being a “loner,” depressed, perhaps angry at women.

    But aren’t there lonely and depressed people all over the world? Many countries have high suicide rates. Why is it that here some become mass murderers?

    The U.S. is the world leader in seemingly random acts of violence by individuals. Why?

    President George W. Bush rushed to Virginia to speak at a large convocation the day after the killings and tried to set the tone for what could be said about them. “It’s impossible to make sense of such violence and suffering,” he said.

    Don’t ask why, don’t try to understand. It makes no sense. “Have faith” instead, was Bush’s message.

    But there ARE reasons these things happen here, and they are pretty clear to the rest of the world. It’s just in the United States that no one is supposed to talk about the reasons.

    What distinguishes this country from the rest of the world? It is neither the most affluent nor the poorest. It is neither the most secular nor the most religious. It is not the most culturally homogeneous nor is it the most diverse.

    But in one area, it stands virtually alone. It has the biggest arsenal of high-tech weaponry in the world, way surpassing every other country. It has military bases spread all over; most countries have no troops outside their borders.

    It is conducting two hot wars at the moment, in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has sent hundreds of thousands of troops abroad over the last few years. Every day, the public here is supposed to identify with soldiers who burst into homes in Baghdad, round up the people and take them away for “interrogation”—which everyone knows now can mean torture and indefinite detainment.

    It also sends heavily armed “special ops” on secret missions to countless other countries, like the ones who just facilitated the invasion and bombing of Somalia, or the ones who have been trying to stir up opposition in Iran. This is documented in the news media.

    The immense brutality of these colonial wars, as well as earlier ones, is praised from the White House on down as the best, the ONLY way to achieve what the political leaders and their influential, rich backers decide is necessary to protect their world empire. Do lots of people get killed? “Stuff happens,” said former war secretary Donald Rumsfeld. “Collateral damage,” says the Pentagon.

    At home, the U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. Over 2 million people are locked up in the prison system each year, most of them people of color. When commercial armed security guards are also taken into consideration, the U.S. has millions of employees who use guns and other coercive paraphernalia in their jobs.

    In the final analysis, the military and the police—the “armed bodies of men,” as Marxists used to define them before women were added to their ranks—exist to perpetuate and protect this present unjust system of capitalist inequality, where a few can claim personal ownership over a vast economy built by the sweat and blood of hundreds of millions of workers.

    And the more divided, the more polarized the society becomes, the higher the level of coercion and violence. Assault weapons are now everywhere in this society, as are Tasers, handcuffs, clubs and tear gas. They most often start out in the hands of the police, the military and other agents of the state, and can then turn up anywhere.

    Violence is a big money maker in the mass culture. Television, films, pulp novels, Internet sites, video games—all dwell on “sociopaths” while glorifying the state’s use of violence, often supplemented by a lone vigilante. By the time children reach their teens, they have already seen thousands of murders and killings on television. And these days even more suspense is added in countless programs that involve stalking and terror against women—and increasingly children.

    As the Duke rape case and so many “escort service” ads show, women of color are particularly subject to exploitation and have little recourse to any justice. And as the murders along the border show, immigrants of color are fair game for racist killers.

    The social soil of capitalism can alienate and enrage an unstable and miserable person who should be getting help but can’t find it. If, as reports are saying, the young man accused of these killings was on anti-depressant medication, it is all the more evidence that, at a time when hospitals are closing and health care is unavailable for tens of millions, treating mental health problems requires more from society than just prescribing dubious chemicals.

    Many liberal commentators are taking this occasion to renew the demand for tougher gun laws. Yes, assault weapons are horrible, but so are bunker buster bombs, helicopters that fire thousands of rounds a minute, and the ultimate—nuclear weapons. Disarming the people is not the answer, especially when the capitalist state is armed to the teeth and uses brutality and coercion daily.

    The best antidote to these tragedies is to build a movement for profound social change, for replacing capitalism with socialism, so that people’s energies can be directed at solving the great problems depressing so much of humanity today, whether they be wars or global climate change or the loneliness of the dog-eat-dog society.
  8. You know what's great about this olde U S of A?

    We have never been afraid to air our dirty laundry for all the world to see.

    We always root for the underdog and hope he wins, and get some ironic satisfaction when the big man who made it fails. Love it or not. That is us.
  9. atozcom


    What a bunch of Bull Shit!!!

    I have a better suggestion: those who want to replace capitalism with socialism can move to Canada.

    BTW, the largest socialism country, the former USSR, failed. China is turning capitalism. North Korea, what can we say about North Korea, nothing. They cannot not even afford to turn on their lights at nigh. nothing.

    The socialistic EU has unemployment rate about double that of the U.S. If the EU don't need the US military protection, they would want the U.S. out. They don't even have a deployable military today.

    Most countries don't have their military outside their border because they cannot afford it. If not for the U.S. military the entire Europe would have been under the control of the old USSR. The socialistic French would be the first to surrender.

    If socialism can solve the great human problem, there will be no capitalism.
  10. I don't know how much this is going to wind you guys in the U.S up but I have to say it.

    Just reading some of the posts on this thread reminds me how great it is to live in a country that has a close to zero tolerance on guns.

    Although I agree that I'd be hesitant handing in my shooter if I were living over there (like someone said, the bad guys aren't going to follow suit) that doesn't mitigate your gun-toting ways.

    The mere fact that your mindset has, understandably, got to the point where you feel you have to protect yourself no matter what the law says illustrates one thing- you shouldn't have let guns be allowed in the first place!

    As a result of your gun laws, the bad guys have guns and now all the 'good guys' feel justified in owning guns to protect themselves against these bad guys who have more power to harm you than the police can protect you against. What a f***ing terrific environment to live in.

    Yeeeee-haaaaaawwww shoot on you crazy cats
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