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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by stevesbg, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. I like to help people. I know what its like to struggle along without knowing where to turn....

    Unfortunately this place is a sewer and I figure its the owner's responsibility to change that....

    When you do.....send me a note



  2. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    What exactly are you complaining about?
  3. LOL :D
  4. Interesting so you don't really keep current about your own business?

    Tell you what, I'll indulge you this time..

    The friggin trolls you allow to dominate the site make this a sewer.

    If you enforced your TOS, that might not happen but clearly either you aren't motivated to do it, or you can't do it.....either way the result is the site is a mess.

    So you want to go with the Wrestling Channel format, no prob...its your business, but folks who might like to help new traders (like me for example) are going to get fatigued having to get into it with these trolls on a regular basis.

    Ignore? Yeah right....

    Now, I think the best thing to do is to stop and see what YOU do about this.

    Thanks for your time.
  5. 4 words...

    Post this duschbags coordinates.

  6. Trolls? Sewer? TOS? You're one of the biggest trolls on ET and your hypocrisy is staggering. Don't flame others and then run crying to Baron like you're a choir boy.

    Here's a *tiny* sample of flames you've posted today alone:

    You wrote this to Mandelbrotset:
    Excuse me Jimmy Jam
    When you go on break, could you go back and clean up after your mother? She left a bunch of condoms in the alley again......

    You wrote this to Me:
    every time you post I put the tip of my boot up your ass
    and there's nothing you can do about you dumb jerk

    You wrote this to shikantaza:
    Just a quick question Shikantaza
    Do you understand that you're going to get bitchslapped every time you post.....Have you figured it out yet?

    You wrote this to GiantDog:
    Whats wrong Giantdogshit? Cat got your tongue?
    Its interesting all the big talkers here when no one is around to reply, but when that changes, suddenly Giantdogshitforbrains IQ drops 50 points.

  7. I'm sure that Baron is aware that Steve46 (aka stevesbg) is the biggest hypocrite and troll this website has ever seen.

    He complains about trolls, sewers and the wrestling channel while posting trash like this:


    P.S. I'm sorry that he had such a hard, destitute upbringing that he had to experience such things, but I DO NOT think it is appropriate for him to share his experiences with ET!
  8. Thanks Trader666,

    Everyone else knows his game, but it's always good to have a reminder! (I don't know what the hell Rennick's problem is).

    :D :)
  9. Clearly you folks are the cream of the crop as far as trolls are concerned.

    I would say you two (Mandlebrot, Trader666) and Shikantaza are the most worthless pieces of crap I have ever encountered....

    What I notice about all three of you genetic misfits is that none of you have any sense of shame, not much in the way of intelligence, and none of you give a shit about your fellow man..

    What I am complaining about is the way you stalk and intrude when others including myself are trying to help newbies...Your continued shitty comments are always off topic and are meant to disrupt...apparently you three believe you can do what you want and no one can touch you. So I'm here to tell you that unless Baron does something about it, I will find something else to do with my time, and you three can go fuck yourselves....

    Given that all three of you are significantly compromised as regards basic intelligence, I suggest you ask Baron to explain any of the terms that may confuse you....

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