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Discussion in 'Trading' started by savage, Oct 17, 2002.

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    If someone would give you a million dollar account and say for one day it is yours.....however much you can lose trading you can keep. What would your strategy be??? It has to be accomplished between 9:30-4pmEST in one day.

    Let's hear it. The goal is to lose as much as possible during one trading day.
  2. buy a million dollars worth of out of the money options on expiration day?
  3. Just lose it on the spread. Program the computer or just hit the keys, buy/sell buy/sell with no delay. Do like 10,000 trades with as many cars as you can afford on the EMINI until those fingers turn blue. Or just do a ton of trades on a pit traded contract (S&P) with market orders in rapid succession in the middle of the day and you would be sure to lose it fast just off the spread.

    This method is sure to lose the money fast. The only way to profit by doing the opposite is to run the brokerage.

    And best thing yet would be to use a full-service broker that charges $150 or more something per car. :)
  4. If it was an up day I would sell as many eminies as that million would sell and as deep as it would sell them on one tick - for a down day I would buy as many as I could as high as I could for one tick - then I'd wait for the market to come back to normal range and ease right on out of my big red position :D
  5. send it to the goverenment in taxes.
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    I would pretty much do just the same thing that most "traders" do. If I did that I would be flush broke by 10 am at the latest. But lets say I wanted to drag it out a few hours. Then I would just make the same stupid mistakes I made when i first started. Things like buying the wrong stock accidentally and other Dumas stuff.
  7. follow the advice given by CNBC.... :D Actually I liked Easyrider's idea