Here's a Trade Good For a Laugh

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DrawDown, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Actually, if anyone's shitting their britches, it's you my friend. You're the only one with positions short in EUR at the moment :) Hundreds of pips, I might add. :eek:
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  2. Yeah?

    When did YOU get UNshort?

    Well, you know what they say... 1% gets the 99%'s money. ;-)

    You can change your pantsies now... Ancy.

    1.2805 (ave 1.2642 pointing down)
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  3. I got unshort this morning. Don't you read the Forex section? Oh, that's're not allowed in there anymore. Well, I'm done here.

    Have fun in chit chat for the rest of...well, what you call a life!
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  4. Wait, wait!


    The price didn't hit 1.2860! (Your "Stop Loss").

    What happened, Ancy Vansky... you get NERVOUS and cut AGAIN?


    Tell us exactly what happened... mentally and emotionally... AFTER you clean your shoes out and send your pantsies to the launderers. ;-)

    This should be good for another LAUGH, Folks. Stay tuned... :D

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    Good one, AnsyVansky! :D :D

    'Scuse me while I open/close 100 more winning trades in EUR/USD..

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  5. Hey Ansy!

    EUR/USD just hit 1.2900.

    You gonna open a SHORT??

    The BIG trade?? :D

    Ansy, you there? Hello?


    The sKaLpEr
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