Here's a Trade Good For a Laugh

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DrawDown, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Oh, he still posts that crap. The sad thing is sometimes he lures a newbie into thinking he actually knows what the hell he's doing.
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  2. This thread is so sad I don't even think it qualifies to be in chit chat....:D
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  3. Where can we move it? It's already in the gutter!
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  4. Yeah I used to think that until Baron created the Politics and Religion forum.


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  5. Funny really, when you think about the company you keep.
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  6. So since coinzy isn't going to give me an answer... did he actually get banned from the Forex threads?

    If so, why??
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  7. Didn't you just say Coinz was entertaining in another thread? It's odd, because you look at him the way I look at you! Sorta like a pet monkey who does tricks, but shits on you every once in a while :)
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  9. My posts were made because the thread was directly made to troll me. And now, my posts continue to be made because you are attempting to troll me. But that's ok, I find you entertaining.

    Plus, if you keep up, you'll increase your own post count in this thread too! Dance, monkey! Dance!


    ps...take time when you type. One or two spelling/grammar/punctuation issues is ok, but your posts are getting a bit hard to read, my pet.
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  10. Anytime EUR/USD moves above 1.2830, something warm, wet and smelly forms in Ancy Vansky's pantsies.

    Say it ain't so, Ansy. ;-)

    It's just a fluctuation,

    The DrawDown
    1.2782 (down from 1.2833)
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