Here's a Trade Good For a Laugh

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  1. I've already told you the story. It's one position, short at 1.2762, with a TP at 1.2690 and stop at 1.2860. Currently it's underwater about 35 pips. So what's the problem? Are you pissed I don't have the massive underwater positions you do? Is that it?
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  2. Don't get upset, Ansy Vansky.

    So, you're saying -35 points is NOT a "losing trade," but 150-ps down IS a "losing trade"??

    Based on what?

    What is your trade structure... other than the Hopeful Wispy Wind Spirit Drifts of Destiny?

    As I said, Folks, a trade good for a laugh. :D

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  3. No, -35 points is a losing trade. Whether or not it is a loss will be determined by which is hit, my stop loss or my take profit.

    You start this thread saying the trade is a laugh. I have one position open, and a clear exit strategy. Then you go on to point out your many, many trades, deep into negative territory by hundreds and hundreds of pips with no exit strategy except prayer. And that's not the funny part. The funny part is they're in the same direction my "joke" of a trade is in - only in far worse condition. So it's not like you can laugh and point out that my direction belief is flawed, because you'd only make yourself look that much dumber (if this was indeed possible).

    I guess I'm just trying to figure out what - exactly - is your point, Coinz?
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  4. Notice Ansy Vansky avoids the trade structure question, guys.

    Ansy, I ask again, what's your cap and range logistics? I spelled mine out clearly.

    Ya got any?

    Ya even know what they are???

    On the other hand, don't you have somewhere else to post... the Forex Forum, maybe? :D

    I'm sure lots of people want to read what you have to say there.

    *busts up laughing*

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  5. The trade represents 1.9% of my account balance. A loss would represent approximately .3% of my balance. The strategy was to sell into heavy 1.2780 resistance (which was supported by a FIBO and an option play). The stop is placed near the previous yearly high. The TP down near support.

    As for "logistics" and all that crap, I can make up terms too - who cares what they're called?

    What, again, is your point?
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  6. God, you still posting Coinzy? Whatever gets you off.

    I'll have to hand it to Baron, it's nice to be able to say hi when I feel like it, while the rest of the time it's like you don't even exist.

    Everything in it's right place. :)
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  7. Well, you know... on other accts I'm bangin' out (open/close) 100s of EUR/USD trades daily short and long, picking up 1000s of points profit.

    I don't suppose you do anything like that, though, right, Ansy Vansky?

    sKaLping? ... Ansy?

    Oh yeah, your BIG Trade!!!

    Well... good luck with that. :D

    I gotta get ready now - goin' on a deep sea fishing trip in the morning..

    The DrawDown
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  8. lol... coinzy, you crack me up, man.

    Looks like there's yet another member here who thinks you're good for entertainment.

    By the way, what in the hell is this thread about??

    I read the first post and there isn't any point in it. You are describing a trade in progress!

    You're dissing a fellow member because he has established a position with stops and TP and then posted in real time while the trade is still on??

    Hmm... as I remember it, you used to just make all your trades up, as well as posting things like

    "I have 12,000 winning trades in a row!!!!!"

    "I am making 22%/week"

    Or something like that.
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  9. Wait a minute....


    Did you get BANNED from the Forex section again???

    If so, what the hell happened??

    Oh... my... God...

    Oh God, I am not even going to start, I might never stop :)
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  10. Really? Odd how you never post about these supposed winning trades. Especially since you're so humble, we'd never expect to see you posting about them. Riiiight.
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