Here's a Trade Good For a Laugh

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  1. Ivvy.

    First he posts this:

    THEN, once the price hits 1.2835 he writes:

    Talk about ENTERTAINMENT!


    Hey, Ivvy... how's YOUR emotional behavior doing?

    A few pips away from hitting your Stop LOSS???

    *busts up laughing*

    Are you pulling your hair out of your head?

    Having an emotional breakdown??

    Tell us how it feels to be pointing down with your Stop LOSS about to hit.

    :D :D :D

  2. Kind of an interesting follow-up notation...

    Finance News
    Latest UK-related finance news headlines
    Wednesday, 2nd August 2006 16:36

    Forex dealers predict dollar will weaken over next 3 months - survey

    LONDON (AFX) - The dollar is predicted to weaken over the next three months against both the euro and the yen, according to a survey of forex dealers.

    In the latest monthly sentiment survey, said sentiment on the dollar remained negative.

    Dealers predict that the euro will rise to 1.2913 usd in three months time in early November. In the same survey last month, they forecast the euro at 1.2900 usd in three months time.

    The dollar is also predicted to weaken against the yen, with one dollar seen buying 112.18 yen early November from 112.84 yen in the previous survey.

    Traders also said they expect the price of crude oil to close at 71.42 usd a barrel in three-months time, slightly lower than the 73.77 usd estimate made a month ago.

    Additionally, the majority of traders expect no change in the benchmark US fed funds rate over the next three months. 58 pct predict the rate will stay at 5.25 pct while 39 pct predict a hike and the remainder predict a cut.

    COPYRIGHT - The copying, republication or redistribution of News Content, including by framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of News.

  3. The Dollar is under pressure to perform, no doubt.

    With the ceiling of 1.2800 broken, things look bleak.

    I still see no reason why we cannot tumble to 1.20, even from these levels (1.2795 currently).

    Therefore, I'm calling for an 800-pt vertical drop.

    The "forex dealers" know nothing.

    1.2796 (short @ 1.2642 - TP under 1.23)
  4. So I'm confused at what is so funny. The fact that I might get a stop loss hit? All real traders have had stop losses hit, Skalpz. Just because I'm not going to let a trade run away from me like yourself and not use a stop loss - and then claim later I have no losing trades (when in reality it's just that I've not closed my losing trades) isn't that big a deal, is it? It's not like I've opened a short AND long position on the same pair like you do, is it?

    By the way, I thought you got banned (again).

    Incidently, how is 1.2795 a few pips away from my stop loss at 1.2860? That's 65 or so pips - 5 times the amount you usually win on a particular trade.

    Lastly, why is this post on FOREX in the Chit Chat section? Are you locked out of the FOREX section or something?

    All these are important questions I cannot wait for you to (try to) answer.
  5. Gettin' a little ansy there, ain't we, Ivansky?? :D :D

    So, you're still in your short... uh, LOSING TRADE..., then, I take it???


    Or, for ME, is it just a "losing trade" when I am in drawdown? :D

    Anyways, now you've firmed your Stop LOSS at 1.2860, whereas before it was "up around 1.2860" because that was as far up as you could possibly see EUR/USD going?

    It's OK, Ansy Vansky, "forex dealers" also don't know what they're doing.

    The DrawDown

    PS: So, when are ya gonna close your losing trade? ;-)

    At least, posting here I don't continuously have my posts modified by TL Modifier.

    Posting in Chit Chat, I have the most seasoned moderators in the business moderating (Baron and Joe), also the owners!

    So, I am happy to post here. Don't have to have that TL Moronator constantly screwing around with my posts.
  6. I'm going to close my trade when my take profit is hit. Or it will auto close when my stop is hit. That's how it works, Coinz.

    And since I know now that you're unable to post in the Forex thread, that's where you can find me. Spend the rest of your days in "chit chat" with the other trolls.

    Enjoy :)
  7. Oh, wait. Before I go...what ever happened to this trade (which is two trades averaged, I believe):

    And the USD/JPY long you have that is about 300 or so points down? Or the GBP one that you said was something like another 300 pips down. Or has that one come back again? It's so confusing.

    Or do we only discuss trades when I lose? Remind me of the rules again.
  8. You post in Chit Chat, too, right Ansy Vansky?

    If posting in Chit Chat makes a member a "troll" what does that make YOU? :D

    Guess Baron and Joe are Moderators of the Trolls.


    1.2799 (short @ 1.2642 - TP under 1.2300)
  9. So no answer on the shorts you're underwater on? And I notice you say short at 1.2640ish now. Did you open more short trades? How many now? If you would be so kind, post all the negative EUR trades and the pips your down. Have the ballz to tell us :)

    No answer on the JPY one either. Why is that?

    And yes, chit chat is the home of the trolls. Occasionally I (and others) post when we find something intelligent. This thread is an example of an exception :)
  10. Ah... those trades.

    Here's an update:

    USD/JPY still open Long.

    8-positions deep.

    - Average price = 118.71

    - 1.6% of account Cap exposed to margin.

    - Over 46% of exposed Cap being pulled out for PROFIT each month the trade is open.

    - Acct Cap drawdown currently under 3%.

    Regarding my EUR/USD short trade.

    Definitely going to war with this one.. but, isn't that always the case...?

    Currently 4-positions open. Running this trade a little tighter than I normally would since I don't suspect too severe a climb.

    Average = 1.2642.

    Acct Cap exposed to market: A hair over 2%.

    Pulling out almost 50% of the cap exposed, as profit EACH month the trade is on.

    Happily lining my pockets. Deep sea fishing money. :D

    Hope the euro-bulls make a run for it. I need the cash! ;-)

    So, tell us about YOUR EUR/USD trade, Ansy Vansky! Besides the usual scenario, "Screwed up on logistics, opened a short, TP = wishful. SL = most likely."

    #10     Aug 2, 2006