Here's a Tip for passing series 7 / 55/ 63

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  1. I've been doing the ?s and have noted this general rule....

    Question: x
    A) .....
    B) .....
    C) .....
    D) .... Bona fide

    The answer to question x is D.

    The test question writers have an obsession with this word "bona fide" and whenever bona fide is in one of the answer, it is the correct answer
  2. I know what Bona Fide means... It's just funny how these test writers are in love w/ this word. They love it so much that they will never put it in a wrong answer
  3. So what are you saying? You have the exact questions that are on the test?

    The practice exams are close but not the real deal.
  4. Many practice exams are filled with actual questions from past exams. The questions are not a big secret.
  5. I wrote the 7 last year and I don't recall bona fide being in any of the questions.
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    I would recomend if your in the NYC are to go to Grecco training course. I am not sure if I have the spelling correct, but they charge $350 and allow you to repeat he course until you pass. The instructor knows the stuff inside and out shows you some tricks to rememberinformation, areas to focus study time on, areas that are of less interest. Hope my two cents was helpful.
  7. I just passed yesterday. I used the 'Pass The 7' book and a cheap set of 250 practice test questions off of ebay. This was far from an exhaustive study plan but the practice questions were more difficult than the real test and made you think more about the material.

    I have some finance schooling and I knew the options stuff cold already - that helped. However, the test involves a lot of arcane municipal bond stuff, regulations, taxes, financial planning and operations stuff that someone who is going to be a stock broker might want to know. Some topics I didn't come across in the book include The Trust Indenture Act of 1939.

    While I would guess the prevailing attitude is that no prop trader really has a use for this knowledge, I'm OK with jumping through a few hoops to get where I want to be. A lot of the stuff is interesting to know anyway.