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  1. Granted what has recently happened during the prisoner abuse scandel has left a sad mark on America. However, let me ask this very simple question.

    Given the fact that soldiers of this country has acted inappropriately, can you think of many other countries that would have bothered to extend the time and resources necessary to bring those people found guilty to justice?

    Do you think the Russians or Germans did this during World War II? I didn't see many sessions of congress taking place in Russia during that time to address prisoner abuse. Oh wait, Russia was communist -- my bad!

    I'm glad to live in America and I'm proud of this country. Warts and all, this country is the best place on Earth to live.

    God bless the United States of America.
  2. Some good stuff in here... I agree with you on balance... keep up the good work, Brother Aphie...

  3. How were they wrong? (if you believe they were).

    I'd love to see some atheists show me how they were 'wrong'...
  4. ya what god f*ck every other country??!

  5. doesnt this strike you as deeply selfish..

    "god bless us go screw every other country"??

    is this the christian way???

    glad i'm an atheist :-/
  6. Exactly...But I've come to the conclusion that there is nothing that America can do that will EVER change how the world views us. When we do something 'right' its expected because we're a super power, but then we're accused of being arrogant....
  7. "Given the fact that soldiers of this country has acted inappropriately,"

    Yet another self-glorifying thread by Mr. Moderator himself mispellings and all.

    It SHOULD read:

    "Given the fact that soldiers of this country HAVE acted inappropriately,"

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  8. THE MAN


    what a stupid statement
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    Quote from aphexcoil:

    God bless the United States of America.

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