Here's a link to the decapitation video

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 50 cent, May 11, 2004.

  1. Yellow? YELLOW? You'd better get an eye exam! I'm afraid you are spending too much time on that PORNO SITE of yours above, your poor eyes are suffering. Son, IT IS your link, watch your crap again, the suit is ORANGE.!!!!!!
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  2. That would definitely be refreshing - a Bush hater who puts his citizenship where his mouth is.

    I wish you luck in your new digs.
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  3. balda


    Does it really matter if the video fake or not?
    Berg's body was found beheaded.
    #63     May 13, 2004
  4. LiL"C"


    No it doesn't matter the people who did this should be shot what difference does it make if the suit is orange or yellow or even pink with puke green spots on it or if this tape is fake. The point is everyone knows what they did and they should die either it be by gun or a slow painfully death.
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  5. Make them read mangled sentences like the above. :)

    And no, it does not matter if the tape is a fake or not. But bringing about justice in a civilized way does matter.

    What are we fighting for?

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  6. THE MAN


    the tape isn't fake. it's annoying and insulting to know there are actually idiots out there that think it is.
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  7. LiL"C"


    What about my sentence did you not understand? Did you get my point yea you did. If what they did doesn't anger you or bother you then maybe you should move to IRAQ and help them fight against us. It's people like you that hurt the normal people in this world. People like you who say lets turn the other cheek and well you know we have to be nice and do the right thing. Well you know what the right thing is? Kick all of there ASSES every single one of them. It's called justice. But you must not belive in that you must have gotten beaten up alot when you were a kid and you were thought it's ok you don't want to make any trouble just walk away even if he kicks the shit out you because it's the right thing to do. Well thank God most of us were taught if someone hits you you hit them back they try to kick your ass you fight back by any means necessary.
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