Here's a link to the decapitation video

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  1. Cutten


    When the coalition starts kidnapping innocent Iraqi civilians, then beheading them whilst still alive and broadcasting the video to the world as a "warning" to Iraqis to keep in line, then you will have a point. But AFAIK they haven't done anything like that yet, so you're completely wrong in your assertions.
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  2. We have done worse, using higher tech and more lethal weapons than a sword... the Civilized World is disgusted with American foreign policy with good reason...
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  3. The Americans who abused prisoners will be brought to justice, by their fellow Americans.

    Will the terrorists who decapitated the american be brought to justice, by their fellow terrorists?

    So much for your attempt to piss people off with extreme pacifist opinions. The good thing about you guys is that you never think too much about what you write. All you care about is to create provocation.
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  4. Your logic assumes that we have a moral basis to be in Iraq in the first place... this issue is where the USA and the Civilized World diverge...
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    I agree we do need to get are boys and girls home but we have never done to them what they have done to us and I don't see how we can let that go. It now has gone to far we just need to shoot every S.O.B that moves with any kind of weapon even if it's a stick shoot them and move on. That's the best way to get this thing over is to say the hell with being nice the time for being politically correct is over it's time to clean this thing up by any means necessary.
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  6. The Iraqis disagree with you. They were happy to be liberated from saddam hussein by the americans.

    Those who oppose the americans in iraq are known terrorist groups, operated by al quida, among others.

    So there's your moral justice.

    Keep trying to think... but try harder though...
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  7. Fifty-Cent makes a very good point, and one in which you obviously do not wish to answer directly.
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  8. Jimmie, easy does it baby, have some respect for your parents.

    Don't reveal all your siblings, IT IS bad PR. Come to mommy, leave the porno site crap under your bed. Shame on you bringing the Holocaust into this.

    The video is FAKE. cutnpaste-bad quality (convenient timing ha!)
    Your link

    follow the site to get the video. It's a PORNO PERVERTED SEX advertisement SITE! CLICK ON IT CHECK FOR YOUR SELF!

    SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU posting such crap on ET.
    Baron please consider banning 50cents.

    The video posted Tuesday showed a bound Berg in an orange jumpsuit - similar to those issued to prisoners held by the American military at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    Do you honestly think the hooded men (Al Queada? how do we know?) would remove his civilian clothes, then dress him up in an orange jumpsuit? It's a fake! Why not leave him naked? Ha!

    The video is of poor quality, and its time stamp seems to show an 11-hour lapse between when the assailants finish their statement and push Berg down, to when they behead him. That suggests a delay between those two portions of tape posted on the Web site.

    Berg's story is completely bizarre, He was held captive by the US military for two weeks, released and then he somehow was captured. It's not making any sense at all: According to his family, Berg, a small telecommunications business owner, spoke to his parents on March 24 and told them he would return home on March 30. But he was detained by Iraqi police at a checkpoint in Mosul on March 24.
    Berg was turned over to US officials and detained for 13 days. His father, Michael, said his son wasn't allowed to make phone calls or contact a lawyer. On April 5, the Bergs filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia, contending that their son was being held illegally by the US military. The next day Berg was released. He told his parents he hadn't been mistreated. His family last heard from him April 9 but it was unclear when and where he was abducted.

    SHAME ON YOU bringing the Holocaust into this.
    Ban 50cents!
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  9. bro59


    Been done. If you wanna look hard enough on the web you can find evidence that coalition forces are killing innocents in cold blood. As El Cubano would say: One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Enjoy the spin put on all this ultra-conservative non-church/state separation shit going on in the federal gov't these days.

    Bummer on the internet too. If it stays at all unregulated it's gonna be the most difficult thorn to remove for those secretive Jack-Booted skanks that would have us normal folks protected from a free press.

    W gets re-elected and its gonna be my clue to start looking elsewhere for citizenship. Clearly at that point this country will have lost its way and thinking folks can do better elsewhere.
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  10. The same video was on CNN though, we the yellow suit. Did they fake it as well?

    Anyway welcher's Mom keep at it, I'm not going to respond to you anymore... everyone should believe what they see appropriate. The video is real. But YOU are not. You're an alias, welcher's Mom. You have identity problems.
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