Here's a link to the decapitation video

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 50 cent, May 11, 2004.

  1. HOW DOES THE HOLOCAUST prove that video true? WHAT DOES THE HOLOCAUST HAVE TO DO WITH THE VIDEO? Shame on you, shame shame shame. The head is a cut and paste on job, first 2-3 frames. Very bad resolution to boot. Very Low fps. Did they use a still frame out of focus camera?

    Is that a "script" the hooded men are reading? What are they saying? translate. Where did get the video? It's a PORNO PERVERTED SEX advertisement SITE for cryingoutloud.

    SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU posting such crap on ET.
    Baron please consider banning 50cents
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  2. The Civilized World would ask you to be explicit as to whom precisely is perpetrating a greater degree of terror, the occupiers or the people of Iraq?
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  3. mark1

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    ok sorry it was not clear
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  4. LiL"C"


    No problem Mark not everyone is guilty just the ones with the guns and rockets launchers shooting at us
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  5. THE MAN


    if you're serious, STFU.
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  6. welcher's Mom,

    believe what you want, to each his own. the video is real.

    i'll tell you what i believe though - i believe that you are yet another alias from the puppeteer who created Prince Phillip, rowenwood, spitfire, and many others.

    Dude - you're a nutter. You're a good laugh though. But it's a shame you ruin the credibility of this website.

    PS I would actually use "Stifler's mom" as an alias. Use it on the next one you create.
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  7. I've seen the video several times... the Civilized World would assert that it's no more disgusting than our occupation of Iraq and acts of barbarism towards the peoples of a sovereign nation... the Iraqis were responding to our large scale terror (in their own small way), albeit in a similarly terrible, vile and disgusting way to that in which we are perpetrating terror against them... the Civilized World should therefore not hesitate to condemn the decapitation of the businessman called Berg...

    We, the peoples of America, need a way out of the hate that the Civilized World has for us... we need to change our foreign policies... and the conduit for that change is the Election...
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  8. LiL"C"


    Are you taking there side?????? How can you say that about us when they cut the head off of one of our Americans
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  9. Cutten


    Actually the civilised world isn't asserting that at all, and if you read the foreign press you would realise that. There's just a slight difference between intentionally murdering innocent civilians in cold blood, and abusing prisoners or accidentally killing civilians when bombing military targets. One is bad but the other is far, far worse.

    Hello Dollars - my apologies, you were right.
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  10. Examine what we have done to them, and then you will come to the view that the Civilized World has of us... our actions are as reprehensible as those that the Iraqi resistance perpretated in the beheading procedure... the time for tit-for-tat must come to a swift end... we must leave this snake pit called Iraq and bring our boys 'n gals home... the Civilized World hates us with good reason... we need to get the heck out and regain the moral authority that we once commanded on a global basis...
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