Here's a link to the decapitation video

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 50 cent, May 11, 2004.

  1. They got to stop making those stupid "line-changes" at the worst moments . . .

    By the way, Kevin Garnett finally looks like the leader that he was always expected to be! The Timberwolves look tough!
    Very tough!
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  2. damir00

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    over there you've got the zakwari-like loonies running around bathing in blood in the name of allah and on this end we've got a cokehead alcoholic jesus freak with his finger on the nuke button just looking for something to blow up to his daddy.

    how does anybody sleep at night? :(
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    are you kidding me? that's insane. the only way they can be sure they're killing home invaders is to WAIT UNTIL THEY'RE IN YOUR HOUSE. assuming the donut quafers can even waddle over in time, bullets are going to be flying through the paper thin walls of your home. and you think those donut boys can aim? sure as s**t it'll be your blood flowing, too...
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  5. I am not a subscriber, but I am aware of that site. It exists for years, and nothing there is fake.

    YOU WISH it was fake. You probably believe that the holocaust was also fake?

    The beginning of the video (without the actual decapitation, since the media wants to 'protect' us from seeing horrible sites) is also available on for paid members.
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  6. This is a "side-note" to the barbaric crime committed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, but the news tonight indicated that U.S. Military forces detained Nick Berg for 13 days, before releasing him.

    His parents, Michael and Suzanne Berg believe that he would still be alive today had he not been "detained". They have filed a lawsuit against the United States.
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  7. LiL"C"


    Just Shoot them all then this wouldn't happen again. Is this the right way to think maybe not but then again is ti right what they are doing to our Americans. I think not
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  8. mark1

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    Shoot them all who?
    For CS we are talking about terrorists not the pople of Iraq, or did I miss something?
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    I was talking about the terrorists. I don't think we should capture them and put them on trial we should simply shoot them plain and simple short and sweet. After all that's what they are doing to us right?
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  10. ElCubano


    Having both an alarm and the cops would probably be the best bet.....of course...right now we pretty much have neither. What we have is 150k soldiers fighting for their lives protecting contractors trying to rebuild a place we tore down....terrorism is not fought this way. I am no expert so i may be way off, but how does fighting a rock throwing towel head in Iraq going to hinder terrorsim?? how does building roads, water supply, infrastructure for these IRAQI's going to hinder terrorism??
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