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Discussion in 'Politics' started by 50 cent, May 11, 2004.

  1. Pabst


    Terrorists don't want confrontation. They want America to cave like Spain. After all that's the response of the ET perma-libs. Appease them and they'll go away. OH NO we may piss off some nice Arab boys and turn them into Jihad crazed maniacs. Lets turn the other cheek because Islamic expansion in the Philippines, Malaysia, Bali, Sudan, the Baltics, Azerbaijan, all because of Isreal or Bush or Iraqi prisoners playing nude Twister blah blah blah. Wise up: The Islamic world SUCKS DICK!
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  2. Let's fight the Jihadist maniacs by making more of them.

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  3. Let me ask you something . . .

    Was National Security Advisor under George Bush, Sr., Brent Scowcroft an ET "perma-liberal" as you say because he wanted to use our military capability and resources to hunt down terrorists in Afghanistan and the Asia-Pacific while leaving Iraq "contained"?
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  4. Maverick74


    Oh please, stop being an apologist.
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  5. Pabst


    I personally agree with much of Scowcroft's assessment. As you know I wasn't super anti-Saddam because I dug the way he was killing those Shiite scumbags. However Saddam fucked up and had to go. Between the Bush Sr. assassination plot and his arrogance post 9/11 he outlived my distorted view of usefulness.

    As you know Wags I make no secret. I feel this is a total war against fundamentalist Islam and no matter WHERE or WHEN it started it was going to be necessary/inevitable. No reasonable Western man INVITES conflict. Who the hell WANTS war? But the pattern of Global terror has been obvious. Islam is expansionist and the West stands in the way. Our window is limited.
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  6. Can we please focus our Country's efforts on tightening-up our borders, coming out with a National ID card, securing the commercial transportation of our airlines, passenger trains, and sea-lanes, securing our power plants and water projects, not too mention improving our intelligence capability and hunting down every known extremist and terrorist?

    Since when did we get into the prison business?
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  7. I just read your reply.
    Your points are well taken, my friend.

    By the way, I still think we are heading for SPX 1073.
    Off to watch some Stanley Cup Hockey!

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  8. Pabst


    What would make you feel safer: Having the best home security alarm money could buy OR having a police department in your community that kills every home invader they cross paths with. I'd rather sit out by the pool in the open and know that the blood of criminals flows past my door.
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    A buddy from here flew out for the games Sunday and tonight. Go Sharks!
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  10. Nice! My sentiments exactly. Well said.
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