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Discussion in 'Politics' started by 50 cent, May 11, 2004.

  1. THE MAN


    how is this war going to end? how can there be an end to it when these allah worshipping shitheads are scattered all over the planet using guerilla tactics? i am convinced there is ABSOLUTELY NO DEBATING WITH THESE PEOPLE. it's just like arguing with you jesus people in the religion debates--THERE'S JUST NO GETTING THROUGH. and nothing is going to change as long as these nuts are brainwashing muslim children to think the same way.

    this war is going to last many, many years, imo..and how can it ever end? even if iraq settles down, it only takes some rogue group of fanatical muslims somewhere to launch more 9/11 type attacks or worse. this really is a religious war.
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  2. dookie


    PULL OUT ALL THE AMERICANS AND MILITARY AND NUKE 'EM !!!!!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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  3. I think Mark1 is exactly right.
    This is what the terrorists want us to do.

    How we retaliate, and go about it will be "key" and will require the kind of leadership that this country has rarely ever seen. In the meantime, isn't it great that we still have "borders" that leak like a sieve and a Homeland Security agency that is a paper lion?
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  4. reg


    Amen, brother. That seems to be the only solution that's going to take care of these bastards. You have to fight force with force.
    Israel showed their resolve by getting rid of Yassin and Rantisi.
    No retaliation yet from Hamas (they are usually very prompt in this department), since they realized that these Israelis mean business. This is the kind of resolve and decisive action the US needs to undertake. Right now.
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  5. typical cowboy knee-jerk response. hasnt there been enuf killing? :-/
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  6. reg


    This will end all killings just like it ended WWII.
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  7. you heard Sharon have your marching orders......oh, and there isnt any truth to what mahatir said......none whatsoever.

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  8. reg


    Who's mahatir?
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  9. And yet no one even talks about the so-called "evidence" that the Bush Administration "presented" that got us into this freaking arid and wasteland of a country to begin with.

    Turning Iraq into a Democracy?

    What was Dumya thinking?

    And guess what boys, like that sick to your gut feeling that you get when you are long a ton of stock and the market is rolling off the table . . . it's gonna get a lot worse, before it gets better.
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  10. Cutten


    Absolutely ridiculous, isn't it? We're spending billions building highways and infrastructure for an unstable country hostile to the west, whilst border security and anti-terrorist efforts at home and abroad go neglected due to lack of funding and attention. Why is the wellbeing of Iraqis seen as more important than the west's ability to stop another WTC or worse? Does Bush really care more about Iraqis ability to drive from Basra to Baghdad a bit quicker than he does about terrorists' ability to load a high explosive bomb onto a cargo container and detonate it during unloading in a busy US port?
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