here you go, meat eaters...

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    hope you're proud. your dollars spent on meat promote this. would you do this to your dog? your dog is an animal just like these slaughtered animals.

    be consistent. if you don't like the idea of people or dogs being tortured, don't promote the torturing of other animals (we're just animals, too).

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    I love a good 80-100 pound pig cooked in my chineese box come new years thats a feast..I must admit it is not a pretty sight, the day before when i go pick it up from the slaughter house, when i actually have to point out the pig to the guy working there .......peace
  3. Do you know what they supposedly do in Korea to dogs and cats as well? You won't even need to force people to compare their feelings about human torture and their pets to get them repulsed by these things. Then perhaps you could get them to see the parallels with their own attitudes toward cows, pigs, sheep and chickens.

    Where I heard about the Korean practices on dogs and cats was through an article about PETA protests in Korea which I found on a site you might find a useful source for news items (which they constantly collect from news sources worldwide):
  4. Animals are stoopid, let's eat em...
  5. some things about the human race just really bug me. and it seems the majority are just damn stupid...which, is probably true, anyway... (bell curve).

    people just do not seem to think outside of their own perspective. people need to think more about the big picture and not just how they see things.

    as i said above, people don't want their dog sliced up, but then they go and buy/eat meat.

    religious people make fun of the raelians, but their beliefs are just as, if not more, far fetched.

    i could go on and on...
  6. you're an animal
  7. ....That got me hungry for a good ol fashioned souther BBQ!!!!

    By the way, if you saw how your cereal and twinkies were made you wouldn't eat them either.....andif you want to see something really a live child birth!!!!
  8. I don't eat twinkies, and I'm positive thet FRuiTY PeBBLeS does not eat cereal (that would make him a cannibal). Actually, neither do I. I just buy them for the toy prizes inside.

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  9. Please...last meat you ate was hanging between your grandpa's legs
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