Here Why John Lost

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Shaqi, Nov 5, 2008.

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  2. no

    he lost because the market dived suddenly starting September 15 and the New York Times printed huge headlines about crisis and depression.
  3. Shaqi


    And the bitch screwed him and did not bother to be by John's side when he needed her most!!
  4. Brandonf

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    I think that the reason he lost can be summed up pretty simply: George W. Bush.
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    Get out your stock charts and bring up NYT.

    Nobody reads the New York Times anymore.
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    Yep, and Obama didn't even thank W in his acceptance speech.
  7. May be Barack Obama won because he was a much much better candidate and run a far better campain.
  8. He lost after voting yes on the bailout plan.

    He knew he would have gained massive support if he decided to go against it but he (or his masters?) chose not to.

    Wat kind of a Maverick is that?
  9. +1.

    I've never seen a more incredible candidate in my life, and when I see Fox News Morning anchors, AND the Chair of the RNC (Terry Holt on Fox News this morning) say the same thing, I know I'm witnessing something amazing.

    For G_d's sake, give some credit to amazing communicator and heavy intellect (I'd argue a genuine attempt to want to better America, also - but that's my bias shining through).