Here we go, Market is pushing to Explode

Discussion in 'Trading' started by EMRGLOBAL, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Futures are looking to get a serious move to the upside.

    Climbing the wall of "Bad News" has given this thing some serious pressure to explode upwards a 1000' points plus before the Elections in Nov.

    Wouldn't surprise me to head higher into the elections with Violent Force.

    Be on the lookout.
  2. I am short term bullish too, but only for Monday. Hang Seng managed to close up yet again, but gains are fading.
  3. As long as the illegal bid side order stuffers continue their fraud, you have half a chance of getting there.
  4. To be honest, I have no idea "which way is up", (Richard Pryor...)

    All i know is IMHO, the economy is not getting better, it is stale at best.
    Unemployment should reach 10 to 11% by next year and GDP 1% at best.

    However, the Market is pushing up wards and well, you can't fight it. Short term long for me...into the elections....but the bottom could drop out at anytime.....

    It will be intersting watching the market move into the elections. My best long, PF CHANGS...out of all well as BK.

    Go Figuer.

    Yes Asia ended up slight higher. Ireland is going through some bond offerings tomorrow.....will see what happens. I think the doom and gloom on Ireland is a little to much. Ireland is nothing like Greece...but they did have a Housing Bubble.