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  1. 1-2 days of movement then we chop around for a month. I have just about had it with this directionless market. I am really starting to think about a part time job. I don't know maybe some of you guys can make it in this 5% range we have been in all year long but I hate scalping for 10-20 points. Maybe I just need to step back take a week off.
  2. For the last 7 trading days we have been in a 100 point trading range. Prior the that we we in a 100-120 point range fro 25 trading days.
  3. Yes I am talking about the Mini Dow futures contract
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    This is how they grind you down. :(

    Still I hoping that the next 30 days won't look like the 30-day stretch between mid-May and mid-June ...
  5. Who gains from this? Am I just complaing to much? how are some of you dealing with this slop. I was not traing in 1994.
  6. And it seems the longer we stay in this range, the more illiquid this market becomes. Its not just that we are in tighter ranges, but the speed with which we can traverse from bottom to top of range and vice versa is mind numbing. Its as if the programs can just flush out entire price points in a matter of minutes.

    If there is one "trend" in this market in recent months, it has been these breathless mini melt ups in the first two hours of the day. The price action just gets more and more vertical, yet still stuck in a giant trading range.
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    Glad to hear someone else say it.
    I only trade the last 2 hours of the mini Dow (because of the time zone I live in) and it's particularly dead lately. Very frustrating when you keep thinking there will be a trend and it just never appears
  8. Exactly a quick spike up or down to the most recent band then nothing. Today for the past 5 hours the dow has been in a 30 point range. I have trouble trading this.
  9. I have no experience with trading index futures. However, why not take your liquidity to a different market? Commodities? Equities? Surely, a trend exists somewhere.

    - Spydertrader
  10. You guys have it Im taking the summer off. All I see is my broker making alot of money from this slop.
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