Here we go again with VVaxie

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  1. When everyone is complaining about his front running, what about this one.

    The members are paying $400 a month and he thanked his members that they made his dreams come true.

    (the dream was, to make a money which was probably funded by the members)

    So he wished everyone good luck as he will be making a movei this summer.

    Great, $400 a month and he won't even be there.

    This guy may be arrested by the SEC but he does brainwash his turd members pretty well.

    Peace y'll

  2. Omar,

    You may be overlooking the fact that Waxie RULES THE FREAKIN' MARKET!!!!!
  3. Babak


    AAAintheBeltway, either that or he is Harvey Pitt and Janet Reno's love child.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Waxie is dreamy.
  5. for his infomercial... it's been over 3 weeks since I sent this stuff back to them, but has yet to see a credit back on my credit card.
    It has been taking unusually long...
  6. Wally, I think he'll probably make 10x more from selling your name than the refund.
  7. nkhoi


    he is waiting for next vict..ahem.. subscriber send in money so he can return it to you. :eek:
  8. Waxie has learned the lesson that Tom Vu understood but that William J McCorkle learned too late. Get the heck out of the business before they find you out.
  9. Where can I see the infomercial on the net? I want to see what I am missing.
  10. just turn on late night CNBC
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