Here We Go Again with IB

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by steve46, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. Well I was hoping things had changed at IB for the better, but I am starting to have the same connection problems again. Two outages in the last minutes. I am glad this is a low volume day on the exchanges, because I can't really see trying to hold a position while trying to logon over and over again. Just more of the same crap. Anyone else? steve46
  2. good here all day. fingers crossed as usual.
  3. OK, theres another disconnect. Well I'm done for the day. Tell you what, I am not a high volume trader, but if I was, I would be over at Velocity at this point. steve46
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    No problems here, either. Why assume it's IB?
  5. love my IB

    no probs here
  6. I am in Europe and have had a few disconnections today. However none has lasted more than one minute so it's not a big deal
  7. ib hasnt missed a beat here today.
  8. No problems in the Southeast.
  9. Steve, are you in Europe? As I said I had a few disconnects but had also some problems with my charting feed (charts filling very slowly....) so obviously it's hard to blame IB, at least on my part
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    I saw this on the ButtonTrader board and it is a good idea (if you want to make sure to see if TWS had been down):

    "First is the "Tip of the Day Window". If you configure this window
    (to be shown at each startup) each time TWS starts, you will be shown
    a window with a tip of how to use TWS. The purpose I use this window
    for is not to read these tips (which may be useful), but to be
    informed of a restart of the TWS: The TWS exchanges a heartbeat
    signal with the IB server, you are logged into. When the connection
    gets lost, the TWS will color its grid pink and if the connections re-
    establishes the normal color will be restored. But sometimes the TWS
    will have to do a complete restart (login). If you have configured
    the "Tip of the Day Window" then this window will be shown now and
    you know what happened. Why to do this? Sometimes the restart may
    result in uncertain situations for the trader, e.g. you just tried to
    cancel a trade, when a restart happened. You should then be very
    careful about assuming everything is correct and better double-check
    your positions, trades etc.

    How to configure the window:

    From the menu select: "Configure" -> "Misc" -> "Tip of the Day" then
    check off the check-box "Show tips at startup"."
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