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    OK well...since I can't seem to make a choice myself :( I will let you people vote - nice, huh?!

    AND WHY am I doing it this way?

    Well, the main reason is that I live in a town where computers just are not the thing (I knew I should not have moved away from Houston!)...but I digress...

    The problem is that there is no store I can go to in order to SEE these monitors in action. I know that is the best way to choose - to see them in person...but that is just not a possibility.

    So, if you guys/gals would not for the following:

    I am buying 4 of them (will run them off of a Matrox 200MMS QUAD video card) and all of these have the same thing in common - they are all digital, they are all larger than 15", and they are all in the price range from $650-$725 each.

    Choices are:

    Viewsonic VG171 -

    Viewsonic VX700 -

    EIZO L465 -

    Thanks for putting up with more monitor talk!!
  2. In my experience VIEWSONIC are dependable, but not highest quality. EIZO is the way to go if you can afford it.
  3. Any comments on the Planar 1904Z...19" LCD's with 500:1 contrast ratio and are VESA compatible...They are selling for under $900 at a bunch of places on-line...
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    You want to get 4, then one important criteria is the bezel size. The viewsonics are just too fat. And I agree, not the best quality. Personally have the view191 with 4 stuck pixels. I chose to get 4 Samsung 191, sight unseen. Out of 4, only 1 stuck pixel! They are excellent.
  5. Dave, do your own research and pick the system that is best for you. You have to pick something that is best for you, not necessarily what everyone here would pick for themselves.
  6. That has to be the dumbest poll I have ever seen on this site.

  7. paralysis by analysis.

  8. I vote for the cheapest 17" flat panels you can find.
  9. JustDave



    WTF did I do to irritate you?

    I am well aware that I am falling into that trap of over-analyzing something - but your comments are really unnecessary.

    Damn - I was just wanting some feedback about those three specific monitors from people that may have seen all three.

    If I had the opportunity to see all three side by side, I could make my own decisions, rather than ask for opinions here.

    Instead, I get ridiculed by you.

    Thanks chief!
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    jboydston and exe -- thanks for the replies!

    and metooxx - man - I have to say that I think you must have the record for most one-line posts on the planet! :D

    I have read a bunch of your posts and I swear - I think that 99% of them are 8 words or fewer...short, sweet and to the point!! (no offense inteded...just noticed that it was a recurring theme)

    Hope everyone has a great weekend - even you Sarasota - and yes, it was a stupid poll. we :cool: ??

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