Here We Go Again - UBS Run On The Bank

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  1. UBS May Target Capital Increase of SF16 Billion, Sonntag Says

    By Carey Sargent

    March 30 (Bloomberg) -- UBS AG may ask shareholders to approve a capital increase of as much as 16 billion Swiss francs ($16.1 billion), the Sonntag newspaper reported, citing people it didn't identify.

    <b>The bank needs that amount of money to keep its Tier 1 capital ratio at 12 percent,</b> the newspaper said. UBS will also report a first-quarter loss after writing down as much as 15 billion francs on the value of debt securities, Sonntag said.

    <b>UBS is suffering from a cash drain after customers in the Zurich area alone removed funds worth 700 million francs as of March 26,</b> Sonntag said.
  2. I wonder where they put the money? Credit Suisse? :p
  3. This can't be the only situation. Where there's smoke, there's fire.
  4. Where there's UBS, there's BS.
  5. mokwit


    Yep, get your money out before they help themseves to another 5% to shore up their balance sheet.

    ING Asset Management arm In New Zealand has reportedly frozen withdrawals from money market funds.

    Lucky this was all "contained".