Here they go again - Muslims riot in Greece

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  1. Muslim migrants riot in Greece over defacement of Koran

    THENS, Greece - Dozens of cars were smashed and 14 people were
    hospitalized with injuries after protests by Muslim immigrants angered at the alleged defacement of a Quran by a Greek policeman ended in a riot.

    Police fired tear gas and stun grenades at hundreds of protesters outside parliament and elsewhere in the Athens city center. The government said 46 protesters were arrested and 75 cars were damaged.

    Chanting "God is great!" and waving leather-bound copies of Islam's holy book, about 1,500 Muslim immigrants - mostly young men - marched to Parliament in the center of Athens to express their anger. The clashes occurred after the protest had dwindled to about 300.

    Rioters hurled rocks at police and attacked police cordons with sticks and their belts, ignoring pleas for calm in Arabic and Greek from protest
    organizers. The violence spread as young men overturned cars, set fire to
    trash bins and attacked several banks.

    Seven policemen and seven immigrants were being treated in hospital for
    injuries, police said.
  2. A shining reason why perhaps Muslims should not be allowed to immigrate into Western countries. You move to a pluralistic society, you need to control the urge to launch intifadas every time you have a gripe.
  3. Yeah non secularism is a problem. Those people should not care if the policeman urinated on koran. In the US I see cars with Darwin "fish" with legs on the back of cars, with jesus, with truth eats darwin, truth eats jesus, etc. Nobody protests. Our way of life is so superior.
  4. Isn't a problem the West's racism towards brownskinned people in general? The police and army are the most racist people of all, in any country.

    Guess what would have occured of the policeman defaced the Talmud. Oh my the fallout would have been worse: both he and the police chief would be fired, they'd all have to attend "re-education" classes, and the story would dominate the 6pm news for months. Heck, even the Pope would be dragged into to apoligize.

    The average american has been pacified to the point where most every popular US TV show defaces and disgraces Christianity, yet he takes no action.

    The Simpsons, family guy, SNL, and many more all portray Christians as lunitic bible thumpers or as child molestors.
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    That kind of behavior gets results. Look at black people in the US, their hobby was burning cities for a couple of decades and now look where they are.. oh wait... they got nothing but token rewards actually, welfare and a ticket in the Jessie Jackson Lottery... never mind..
  6. Here we go again with the propaganda war or the Islamic Deception Thing from our friend from the other side TorontoTrader2.

    It is a fact that Mein Kampf is required reading in many Arab and Muslim universities. I wonder why such peaceful non-racist brownskinned people read such racist literature, and even make it required reading for all their population.

    And in regards to the Qur'an being racist to non-Muslims I think it is a toss up between it and Mein Kampf's racism to non-Aryans.
  7. You make simple-minded generaltiies to support your poorly thought out positions.
    Police / Army have higher then average percent of brownskinned folks. Racism is a minor part of life these days.

    Ned Flanders:
    Although Flanders was meant to be a caricature of the Christian right, he has since become a favorite of many conservative Christian viewers.

    Your type of thinking is the most dangerous to mankind.
  8. Oh, that's a no-brainer. There'd be crowds of jews rioting in the streets, burning cars, throwing stones, smashing windows, attacking passers-by, fighting with the police...Right?
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    Here's an idea. Have some policemen urinate on a copy of every religious text, Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations", and Dawkins "The God Delusion". See who riots, then shoot them.

    Any guesses as to how the groups will rank in number of dead rioters?
  10. Quote from TorontoTrader2:

    The average american has been pacified to the point where most every popular US TV show defaces and disgraces Christianity, yet he takes no action.

    And what have Muslims been pacified to do? A brother hits his little sister on the head with a rock and brags about it, because she "disonored the family" - even in reality if she was raped or there is little proof to the "dishonor."

    How come Muslim women have to wear burkas so they don't turn on men, but Muslim men don't have to cover their bodies in case they turn on women?

    How come even moderate Muslims support the death sentence for a Muslim who converted to another religion? Because forcing someone to believe something they don't annoys Allah?

    What other religion in the world is at war with most of the other religions, except for Islam?

    How come Islam clerics convince young or poor Muslims to strap on explosives, when the clerics won't do it themselves???
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