Here should be another 1 year ban from NFL

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    We've certainly had quite the little parade of arrests through this NFL offseason, but few are as disturbing as this: On Monday, Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant was arrested on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence, which stemmed from an incident that happened last Saturday. Bryant turned himself in to the DeSoto (Texas) police department after hearing of the charges, and was released from custody after posting $1,500 bail. However, and as first reported by Rebecca Lopez of WFAA-TV, the underlying reasons for Bryant's arrest should give serious pause.

    "Desoto police say Dez Bryant assaulted his mother," Lopez wrote on her Twitter account. "Slapped her across the face and pulled her hair. Dez Bryant's mother says she had pain and swelling as a result of injuries according to a police report. Police report says Bryant's mother had asked him to leave when he allegedly assaulted her."

    Well Roger Goodell, here is another one to ban for the year. If you are going to ban members of the Saints for legal hits, I guess you have to ban this thug too.
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    don't blame the guy blame on how his mother raised him.