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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sicktraderIV, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. A direct quote from Bwolinski:


    "Well, the more I look into it, and the more profitable systems I compare Pairs Trading QID QLD 2.0 and the original to, the more I realize I have the best trading system in the world. "

    posted 11-15-09 at 5:13 pm est.

    Yes, he says it right in his journal -- HE HAS THE BEST SYSTEM IN THE WORLD. Not just in North America, but the WORLD. Sell your house, your cars, your wife, everything fellas, because we have found the way!!! You guys won't have to scratch your ball any longer, just pay homage to Bwolinski and he will show the way.

  2. Enjoy. If you think otherwise, post your backtested results and let's compare, because I've never seen a backtest this good...anywhere, ever. But you don't have any idea how to code, and this thread will be deleted anway, so...while it lasts, see for yourself.

    Thank you for the publicity, the system is called Pairs Trading QID QLD 2.0.

    I especially like this sequence, and I know it's over your head sick, and won't be responding further

    Long QLD 7,189 9/5/2008 66.11 9/11/2008 62.66 -5.22 -24,823.96 4 -6,205.99 206,027.25 -5.22 4.22
    Long QID 8,964 9/22/2008 47.97 9/23/2008 50.31 4.87 20,930.54 1 20,930.54 226,957.80 -0.4 11.05
    Long QID 7,385 10/31/2008 66.21 11/3/2008 63.16 -4.6 -22,514.09 1 -22,514.09 204,443.72 -6.43 1.56
    Long QID 7,177 11/5/2008 61.56 11/6/2008 71.35 15.9 70,226.84 1 70,226.84 274,670.56 -0.63 15.9
    Long QLD 21,449 11/13/2008 26.19 11/14/2008 28.22 7.75 43,519.54 1 43,519.54 318,190.09 -9.55 13.02
    But notice the trade in QLD was out at 62.66..... the next trade wasn't till QLD had reached 26...and that my friends is what outperformance and long term profitability is made of.
  3. Still ready to put my 10K against yours whenever you are ready.
  4. Go to covestor immediately and let's do it then. 10k? HA! I have 2 "$" on covestor, which means I'm dealing with more than $50k. So, yeah, I got no problem with it, if you keep it friendly, and I appreciate you haven't tried fucking with my name. Yeah, I'd put it against yours, but not as a bet. You beat me after 6 months, I guess you'll have proved me wrong, but nothing more.

    We'll go by equities only, so percentage returns is all it's measuring: IE: 3 points will only be 3/1100 percent there, so I would say you have no chance.

    Time's running out, as I'm sure any second the thread will cease to exist, and yet another one of your aliases will be banned.
  5. Not sure about the rules, but we have a gentlemans agreement then. I would prefer to the the euro, against whatever you have, but then again, I'll trade anything.

    I had a chance to speak with one of my friends at SAC, and I told him that you had the "best system in the world". I asked if you could get a sit down, but Zap immediately said no chance. BUT..... (I hope that this is OK), I mentioned that you like to trade in female eveningware, he immediately went back to talk to someone, and.... well... I think I got you your interview. Be sure to wear something with a lot of fluff and sex appeal... they like that. I know you'll want to bend over, but at least wait until you have the job.

    Will contact you about the challange.
  6. There's no bet, and no money will ever be exchanged, but I would like to see your actual trades. I believe you're hopelessly addicted to gambling.
  7. You did see my actual trades. Remember, I posted all entry's, target's and stops in advance and never lost??? Wasn't that long ago. You were always up my ass. You have to remember.

    Why no challange? It will be done in private, and win or lose I will not say on here.
  8. No, posting fake trades to ET is not acceptable. It's easily manipulated, and I strongly suspect you faked each entry.

    I'd like to formally invite you to the realm of 3rd party verification called covestor. You may also use C2. Either way, I'm very curious if you can make any money at all, and, if you haven't understood, let me be clear, <b>there is no bet. You get pride for winning, nothing more, and the opportunity to post more offensive emoticons.</b>
  9. I was thinking that we could each fund a new account with 10K or whatever amount you want, then check each account at the end. Seems to be a much simpler way of doing things.
  10. No, I'll take your covestor equities returns word for it, or you can post your trades to c2. Either way, I'm not doing anything without a 3rd party verifying the trades. You could very easily simply add money to the account, and be like, "I win."

    So...what do you want to do?
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