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    I am participating in a thread on another site ( where a Canadian man is very worried that he is not going to get a surgery he wants and at least one doctor thinks he needs.

    The site is a Motocross and off road motorcycle racing forum. The man in question has a knee injury possible consisting of a small tear to a ligament.

    His OS has said there is a tear and wants to do surgery. For reasons I do not know he has had to see a couple other nurses and techs. The tech says that he does not see a tear and does not recommend surgery.

    So now the Canadian motocrosser is living in pain and worried that he might not get the surgery he needs. His actual words were "they might cancel the surgery"

    Who is "they"?

    He is very worried that "they" will cancel the surgery because the waiting line is long and "they" need to speed things up.

    Here's a link.
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    I can only assume that since his governmet told him they had him covered maybe he didn't set aside any money for surgeries.

    Or maybe he won the lottery shit if I know.

    but he does have a genuine concern about his long term health being decided by someone other than himself. Someone I imagine he cannot take to court over the issue.
  3. if the same injury happened to someone in the us who could not afford the insurance where would they be?
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    Apparently in the same position as this person, who has national health care.
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    At one point, one could still pay for private health care in Canada. Soon, most doctors bailed on government worked and entered the private sector. Who wouldn't? After a while, the government had to put an end to that, and outlawed private health care.

    So now you have to be rich enough to flee the country to get medical attention.
  6. 151, that person on the thread is having pain, so is very emotional now. He is no thinking clear because he has no sleep from the pain. Maybe someones opinion is his tear can heal with no surgery? But no one is sure yet? So better to have no surgery and wait and see what happens.
  7. Just wanted to point out that this is a total fabrication.

    Thank God for Barack Obama. He's got the guts do do what needs to be done, and he's going to cause the premature death of tens of thousands of racists, including a few on here, due to heart attack because they're insane over the fact that he's President.

    Now if he'd only admit that the sensible thing to do is to get U.S. troops the hell out of Afghanistan, because the country is back in Taliban hands and no amount of U.S. military action short of total war will displace them, he'd be in the running as one of the greats.
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    Thats all well and good if the techs are correct and this man does not need surgery.

    But if they are wrong and he does need surgery then he will have to start at the end of the "line" once again.

    Putting him through more time not only in pain but unable to live the life he potentially would.

    My intention is not to knock Canadian healthcare so much as this is my only input from a Canadian.

    I guess the way this instance make s me think is that his government basically said " sir we have you covered let us worry about your health". So however unwise he left his healthcare up to them. Now they are possibly letting him down in a big way.

    And again I do not know for sure but I would imagine he has no legal recourse against the government for this.
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    No sir, you are missing my point.

    The difference is in American no one was told "hey I got you covered" So a wise American would set aside money for a potential problem.

    Under a goverment run system citizens are told that the goverment will take care of their healthcare cost. So I can see where many people would not feel the need to set aside money for health problems.

    Also in America if a Doctor makes a mistake they can be held liable. If an insurance company makes a mistake they can be held liable.

    Who is liable if the Government makes a mistake? That is a real question. I do knot know the answer, maybe you do.
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    Damn your really a dick.

    I thought I made it clear I was not spewing falsehoods but looking for the truth.
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