Here is why the world is lost!

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  1. The world is lost because people tend to believe a fallacy. The greatest mind ever said, "A kingdom divided against itself will fall." We are asked to believe that "the world is a dangerous place." The world is a dangerous place if you love righteousness...but, not if you are an evil "politician" or member of the "elite." We are asked to believe that the West (in particular the US and South Korea) are/were "mortal" enemies of the "communists". I have relatives who died in the Korean War. They died in vain...we were lied we have been about so many things. Our dear government is part of the hoax. Please follow the link below...

    There he is...the "great leader" of our "mortal enemy" North Korea...being carried to burial...on a Lincoln! The "dearly departed" leaves a collection of over 20,000 DVDs.....what can one think, other than we were told that this guy "hates" the West...he loved the West...wanted to be part of the West. He brutalized "his" people...but, only as part of the "plan." A "plan" that controls us all...quite sad, really!

    Who were the beneficiaries of this great deception...why the rich, powerful elite of the world of course. People like my father's cousin who was a "runner" (life expectancy in seconds on the battle field)...they paid the price with their the elite could enjoy Lincoln's and DVDs.

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    ......the world is lost!

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