Here is why the US needs a NEW government!

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  1. I am NOT debating with ding dongs here!!! If you are a dumbocrat or are TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND MY POINT HERE - PLEASE GO CHECK OUT SOME DUMB VIDEO ON YOUTUBE OR SOMETHING..... article from the New York Times...that bastion of....cough, cough freedom and capitalism and democracy...

    Turns out...the Japanese can vote on whether there is a US - YES - US base on their turf............but, we Americans can NOT vote on such a thing!!! I would have told the Okinawans to FU(K themselves!!!! I would have told them - "You provide for your own damned defenses!!!!! We Americans are SICK of paying for you defense! If you won't pay for your defense...may China take you over!!!

  2. OK, I don't think I was clear enough before....these f'ing Okinawans "debate" whether AMERICANS should be doling out cash to their dumb fu(k a$$es!!!!! Don't get me wrong - I love the Japanese people!!! Been to Tokyo - love it! My point is that the US gov't is so stupid it gives people who DO NOT WANT US MONEY SPENT ON THEM THE RIGHT TO VOTE ON WHETHER US TAXPAYER DOLLARS ARE SPENT ON THEM...ALL THE WHILE DENYING AMERICANS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHETHER THE AMERICANS' OWN TAX DOLLARS ARE SPENT ON SOMETHING!!!

    The Dems should have tried that same "vote" stuff with the ObamaCare bill!!!!

  3. The US isn't in Okinawa for Japan's benefit.
  4. So....what part of the world do you think we could NOT hit with MIRV's....oh, wait, that is right...our "Community Organizer in Chief" doesn't think we should have MIRVs!!!!!

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    The people keep voting for congressmen that approve this kind of spending, so I don't see how a new government would be any better. Unless you're talking about a non-democratic government. But that's not where I'm going... I guess my point is it makes more sense to direct your anger at the people than the government.
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    Somebody give this guy a gun! :D
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    Yes, I agree to most of what you said. When you have idiots voting, expect to see a lot of idiots in government.

    If you only allowed property owners or net tax payers to vote, you might have different results.
  8. YES!
    Finally, someone calls for those who truly have some "skin in the game" to be able to direct the course of our country. Let's also include cops and combat vets on that list.
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    Term limits would solve a multitude of problems in our country. Years ago, many of these thugs would have been eliminated long before their next election.

    How about this latest thug, Blumenthal, who claimed he was a Vietnam vet, then tried to clean it up by simply saying that he misstated his service? What a joke. Are the people in Connecticut this stupid??

    By the way, did I ever tell you guys that NASA let me ride in the shuttle to the space station?

    (Well, uh, (cough)...what I mean is I read about it.:p)

    Hey, I may be qualified to make a run for the Senate.:p
  10. The other day I am flipping thru radio channels and hear this guy, a loyal Republican, bitching about how now that we have a weak country we can't help the South Koreans against Kim Jong. WTF? Why is that our problem. Stand on your own 2 feet after 50 years. Kim Jong is a bad poker player and nothing else. Alot of hot air. I agree let the Japanese stand on their own. Doesn't anyone read history. How did Rome and the British go down, by trying to be imperialistic. Why is always our problem. In case we hadn't noticed we got alot of our own problems. All empires crumble from within history shows us that.
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