here is why the futures are DOWN

Discussion in 'Trading' started by executioner, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. the chinese mentioned selling dollars and buying the euro. also GM had horrible numbers. the chinese issue is really what is causing the weakness so far though. also, a few big cap companies mentioned how the economy was slowing. we could gap down hard and bounce into the green; who the heck knows!
  2. the collapse of modern day Rome is happening much more quickly than i anticipated..........the Denarri....err i mean the USD is a confirm beyond recognition.
  3. Over 200 years of growth, pride and prosperity in the United States. All crashing down in less than 2 terms of Bush/Cheney. They are criminals.
  4. I heard some housewives at supermarket say they only want premium toilet paper not GREEN ones.
  5. HAHA, very clever grasshopper.
  6. There will be a rebound, don't worry
  7. There better be, you're now down US$4000 since buybuybuy on 10/10