Here is why it is Impossible to Stop a Clever Terrorist Attack

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    SouthAmerica: In 1999 The Economist magazine had a series of articles such as “The surveillance society” and “The end of privacy” and in one of the articles the magazine mentioned the reaction of the British to IRA terrorist bombings in London. From 1995 on the government installed close to 10 million surveillance cameras all over the place in the UK.

    By 1999 with 10 million surveillance cameras watching everything in sight in the UK, the British government had not caught a single IRA terrorist to justify the expenditure of all these massive surveillance system.

    That was the world before September 11, 2001. The British must have increased and improved their surveillance capabilities many times over since early 1999 when The Economist published the articles.

    The British with their massive and sophisticated internal surveillance system could not stop the terrorist attacks in London today, in the same manner that Israel can't stop the terrorist attacks against the people in Israel that happens all the time.

    I was watching television today, and saw a bunch of people and government officials after the London, UK, bombings saying that if the US government did this or did that (usually involving a cost of millions and millions of US dollars) then the American people would be protected against a terrorist attack.

    All these people are delusional.

    On March 1st, 2002 Brazzil magazine published one of my articles – “Taking Advantage of the US Religious War” by: Ricardo C. Amaral. Quoting from that article:

    “Since the beginning of this holy war against the U.S. starting on September 11, 2001 I have been trying to make sense of this situation and understand what is happening in the world. I am puzzled also by what lies ahead of us as the consequences of the actions and reactions of the U.S. government towards terrorism and how all of this will affect the economies of the United States and also of Brazil.

    After President Bush declared war on terrorism, the U.S. government took some drastic measures to wage war on terrorism. On October 26, 2001 the American President signed into law the USA Patriot Act of 2001. This law is based on the assumption that Americans are willing to give up their civil liberties in exchange for safety.

    To wage a war on terrorism it is an absurd idea…”


    SouthAmerica: I have been writing over and over again since September 11, 2001 – It is impossible to stop a well-planned terrorist attack anywhere including the United States. It does matter how many trillions of dollars the US government spends to fight terrorism. The terrorists always will find an innovative way to beat the system and accomplish their business.

    George W. Bush and the naïve and simple-minded majority of the American people believe that they can stop a terrorist attack here in the USA.

    What a joke!!!!!

    You have to be “Brain Dead” to believe such a thing.

    To tell you the truth, I am surprised that we did not have other terrorist attacks here in the USA since 9/11. I am worried that the terrorists are not wasting resources with little stuff, and they must be planning something really big in the near future.

    It is impossible to stop a clever and well-planed terrorist attack. If you don’t believe me then just consider the following information:

    1) Israel has an area of 8,019 sq miles and a population of 6 million people.

    2) New Jersey has an area of 7,787 sq miles and a population of 8 million people.

    3) The USA has an area of 3,618,787 sq miles and a population of 293 million people.

    For all practical purposes Israel is the same size as New Jersey, and the New Jersey population is a little larger than the population of Israel.

    Israel is a very small country, and they have cameras everywhere in the country, they have large concrete walls and barriers, the army is all over the place with helicopters, machine guns, metal detectors, check points are everywhere, and Israel has the most sophisticated technology available today to prevent any kind of terrorist attacks. On top of that the Israelis are among the smartest people on earth.

    Just to make an obvious and simple point: This very small country armed with all kinds of sophisticated technology can’t stop a single terrorist attack against Israel!!!!!!!

    The reality is that the terrorists have been attacking Israel at will.

    A few months ago, a group of terrorists blew up a train in Spain killing hundreds of people. In Russia, they had a series of deadly terrorist attacks in the last few months, including attacks in the air and in the ground. They blew up two regular jumbo passenger airplanes full with people, they also had to deal with the usual car bombings, and finally a deadly terrorist attack in a school full of young children that cost the lives of over 250 people, and also hundreds of injured people.

    Believe me when I tell you that it is impossible for George W. Bush and the American government to stop a well-planed and clever terrorist attack anywhere in US soil. You can bet on that - When the terrorists are ready they will attack the USA once again.

    The cruel reality is that there is nothing that we can do as a nation to prevent the next well-thought terrorist attack here in the USA. The only thing that each individual person can do in the US, at this point, it is to hope that the next terrorist attack is not in the area of the country where our family and friends are living.

    NOTE: I found interesting that after watching the news on television on various cable channels - all sorts of programs - Not a single person mentioned the possibility that the "IRA" being involved in today's terrorist bombings in London.

    I wonder if anyone still remembers the Oklahoma bombing in the US. All fingers were aimed to the Arabs and then......surprise.

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    this is absolutely categorically absurd:

    "From 1995 on the government installed close to 10 million surveillance cameras all over the place in the UK."

    even if there are 10m CCTV cameras in the UK almost all of them are privately owned and operated for watching shop-lifters and burglars. Some are of course involved in such police-state activities as managing traffic congestion and rowdy behaviour in City centres.

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    Of course the bombs will be immediately pinned on Islamic Fundamentalists; as, when all is said and done, this latest terrorist attack will provide major political fodder to those pushing our illusory and (Orwellian) perpetual "War on Terror".

    People have such BAD memories, it often frightens me. Doesn't anyone remember that literally a hour or two after 9/11; The Feds found Mohammad Attas (sp?) passport in the WTC rubble and before that the Feds "discovered" a suspcious car parked in the Boston airport with copies of the Koran and instructions on how to hijack a airplane.

    Amazing how competent our government can be when it wants to be (needs to be?)... linking the "terror" to Islamic Fundamentalists / Bin Laden within minutes / hours of the event happening.. even finding a passport in the rubble of the WTC liking the event to Islamists and some random car in the Boston airport. Yet when it comes to finding and capturing the main perpetrators.. ie Bin Laden or the new guy in Iraq... or assessing whether Iraq has WMD ... or assessing whether Saddam is a imminent threat .. or ... or ... or... our gov't falls flat on its face.

    What a GAME this all is... thing is, in this game, you never REALLY know whose side your "leader" is really on.

    Islamism is just another "ism"... as "isms" are politically expedient and often strong enough to whip the masses into blood lust and export their sons and daughters off to die.

    I read a quote a while ago and I do not remember to whom it is attributed.. but it is a good one...

    (i paraphrase)

    "If the government were to come into your home and take your television, you would scream bloody murder. As it is, the government comes into your homes and takes your sons and daughters and ships them off to war to die and you say nothing. "
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    SouthAmerica: Reply to quit1

    I never forgot that article in The Economist because they were talking about the effect of "Big Brother" watching everything that they do all the time - the article said that was affecting even the way that people relate to each other such as walking and holding hands, because the British people knew that does not matter where they are there is someone watching them from a surveillance camera.

    The article said that they had cameras installed all over London, and that from the surveillance center the government could see just about everybody coming or leaving their homes at any time.

    The article said that because the British people knew that Big Brother was watching all the time - The British behaved differently in public because they were aware of the cameras.

    It was a long article - one of these special articles that they have in the magazine. The article covered in detail about the ways that the surveillance cameras were affecting the people on a daily basis, and how people changed their public behavior because of these cameras.


  5. That is not accurate. They have stopped more attacks than those attacks which were successful.

    How do you know what goes in their regarding them stopping attacks. They are a sectretive and clandestine group..
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    I keep reading and hearing this:

    "Bombings said to have 'hallmarks of al-Qaida-related attack'"

    Yet two or three years ago all the talking heads and "experts" were telling us that al-Qaida is all about increasing the "spectacle" of its attacks. That is, they are interested in incrementally causing greater and greater damage (psychologically or physically) with each successive attack.

    Yet, at least how I see it, these terrorist attacks are getting weaker and weaker in "effect". 311 was less than 911 and 77 was less than 311.

    Apparently al-Qaida is only interested in massive attacks when the timing is right. And that timing is apparently determined by America's need to forward her empire. Major footprint in the Middle East? No need for a bloody spectacle; a minor attack will push the sheeple back in line and raise the blood-lust level. China REALLY making a asset grab in South America or other regions of the world? Time to plant a dirty nuke or two in a New York subway and immediately determine that al-Qaida has extended its ties to South America and is ready to take over the North America via a army equipped with box cutters in hand and grenades strapped to their chests.
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    Trend Fader:

    Just to make an obvious and simple point: This very small country armed with all kinds of sophisticated technology can’t stop a single terrorist attack against Israel!!!!!!!

    That is not accurate. They have stopped more attacks than those attacks which were successful.

    How do you know what goes in their regarding them stopping attacks. They are a sectretive and clandestine group..


    SouthAmerica: I have been watching the news here in the United States since the early 1970’s, and if there is one item in the news that repeats itself over and over again are the killings in Israel – both sides.

    It seems to me that the Palestinians and the other groups that are fighting against Israel can hit Israel at will. If that is not true then why they keep showing on television all the time the suicide bombers in Israel, and all the destruction that goes along with the bombings?

    Suicide bombings in Israel it is almost a regular story in the news here in the US.

    With all the surveillance and security that they have in Israel, I bet they catch one suicide bomber here and there – that is just common sense.

    But other than that the suicide bombers attack them almost at will.

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    i have been a subscriber to the economist for many years - i too remember the article. but i also have the benefit of living in the UK...
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    SouthAmerica: reply to quit1

    I have been reading The Economist and The Financial Times of London for a long time. Usually I find these two publications to be excellent and accurate regarding their articles, and analysis when compared with all the other stuff that are available today.

    But sometimes when they have articles about Brazil, I don't agree with it 100 percent. I do understand what you are trying to say.


  10. Yep. And the suicide bomber also kills himself. How stupid they are... :eek:

    By the way... Terrorist attacks are not clever... just dumb...
    Anybody can walk around with a bomb and blow him/herself up...

    BIG DEAL...

    southamerica... You sound like you think they are brave smart heroes...

    They are nothing but evil, despicable, cowardly bastards...
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