Here Is What Louisiana Schoolchildren Learn About Evolution

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    Scary stuff, but what does "state sponsored" really mean, the school gets a few bucks from the state, or a lot?
  2. That's alright, that's okay, they'll be working for you someday! Rah, rah, rah! :p :eek: :D :cool:
  3. wont be ok if someone like that is your doctor someday.
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    And the problem with that is....?
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    You're asking what's the problem misleading fifth-graders into even considering myth based creationism should compete with fact based science.
  6. Like 5th graders give a rats ass. They won't remember nothing day after tomorrow.

    In a few years those kids won't remember their teachers name let alone evolution.
  7. Get them while they're young

    "Everything I've ever learned about marketing, I learned in church"
    "Everything I've ever learned about marketing, I learned in church," says Andrea, one of the people featured in this film.

    Ain't this the truth. It's astounding and disgusting to see the striking parallels between the strategies used by large corporations to get children hooked on cigarettes and those used by churches to brainwash children into accepting an ancient mind-numbing myth. In short, get them while they're young (and maybe you'll get them for life).

    "Get them while they're young." This is the unspoken (and not so unspoken) mission of churches everywhere.

    They understand how critical it is to gain converts before they become adults...before they're exposed to science, history, other religions and other points of view. They aggressively target children and youth with marketing campaigns that rival many advertising companies. They sponsor events, activities, games and lots of free food for the opportunity to influence impressionable minds.

    Chris, Andrea, Matt and Dell share their own experiences as children and adults from inside these programs.
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    Just because you retained nothing from your education does not mean no one else did, or will.
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