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  1. Foremost, moderators; I am not sure which forum would be appropriate for this thread so move it accordingly.

    Ok, I am in the process of re-evaluating my software packages and I want feedback. This is my current set-up:

    Esignal with Market Profile : ~200/month

    Strategy Runner (Futures only) : ~50/month

    InstaQuote (stocks only) : 100/month

    I trade futures intraday, usually off the 5 min and 30 minute bars. I trade stocks intraday also off the 5 min and 30 min bars and will hold overnight on occasion. I average about 20-50 contracts a day (mostly CBOT and CME futs, a combination of NQ, ER2, ES, YM, ZI, QM) and about 10k-30k shares/day in stocks. I need real time data and I need a Market Profile service. Currently, I *believe* I am paying too much per month in software costs (however, my per share/per contract fees are very good considering my volume).

    So, I pay a total of 350 a month which I'm kinda *OK* with, but, I know there are cheaper options available (4200/year on software costs doesn't sit that well with me when I think about it), that and I'm honestly not that happy with esignal's MP format (the main reason why I have Esignal in the first place).

    Simply put, I want that cost to go down... I need MP and good, reliable intraday data feeds (charts) for both stocks and futures.

    Software package suggestions with pricing are what I'm looking for.

    Thank You All In Advance,

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    Why not use Ensign and Interactive Brokers.

    I have used that combo for over a year and not had even one problem that wasnt exchange related.

    Total cost $40/month.
  3. Does Ensign have Market Profile? I believe that was central to the OPs requirements.

    Alternatively, this might fit the bill: Investor/RT Standard + Market Profile from $59/month + Data Feed from $FREE (Interactive Brokers) or others for $FEE.

    Should be able to at least halve your current costs IMO.
  4. That looks good, although it doesn't appear like they have a Market Profile feature...
  5. Thanks for that link, Linnsoft is my top pick thus far (I've looked in thier service earlier). Do any current users have comments on reliability?

    Also, am I correct in assuming the following:

    1. Linnsoft offers stock and futs MP data.

    2. 59/month includes all CBOT, CME, NYMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, etc etc data fees (i.e. I won't be *pleasantly* suprised to find that they're going to ask an extra 80/month or something if I want NYMEX data).
  6. Ignore my last statement - I would be responsible for IB data fees.
  7. Hey Bro,

    Here's a short thread on Market Delta platforms:

    Market Delta - Transitioning to the New Platform

    and here's a thread on how some guys use it:
    Market Delta strategies

    I would give both threads a good read through to see what info I can get from them for Market Delta fans. Now me personally, I don't use it (to trade real money), so I can't comment on it.

    But 5Pillars and bolter seem to have mastered it, and they have some pretty good ideas on how it can be used successfully to enhance your trading.

    And if bolter starts up a new thread on Market Delta strategies like he is "threatening" to at the end of the other Market Delta Strategies thread, you definitely want to be there, his thread on Market Profile was incredible.

    Have a nice weekend.



    edit: if you're really interested send bolter a PM (can't hurt).
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    sierrachart + mytrack
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